Grand Theft Auto Online


Rockstar Games have finally let the world see Grand Theft Auto V’s online component, Grand Theft Auto Online. Check out the video below to see how ambitious Rockstar is looking to get with Grand Theft Auto’s multiplayer.

Grand Theft Auto Online is free with retail copies of Grand Theft Auto V and launches on October 1st.

Written by Michael Cwick

Michael Cwick

Just a nerd from the Windy City. I’m actually really bad at describing myself because I get all self-critical and self-conscious. Follow me on Twitter, @The1stMJC, to see my borderline insane rants on tv shows and other non important subjects. If I’m not tweeting I’m probably just watching Buffy or Firefly for the millionth time.

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  • Joey McPherson

    GTAV is just getting better and better. Rock* is killing it with this game. it will probably be GOTY

    • I am hoping The Last of Us gets GOTY to be honest.

  • I am impressed with with what they are doing with the online. I wish I could simply just buy the online.

    • MJC

      It would be cool if they sell the online by itself later or bring it to next gen consoles.

  • MJC

    I was thinking of ignoring this GTA especially after not liking 4, but I might pick this game up around October after all. I do worry that it might be too ambitious for the current systems, but hopefully it runs fine.

  • way2easy

    Ok, so now I officially won’t have a life…..

  • JC

    The only looks incredible O.O

    Looks like there will be an insane amount to do whether you just want to chill in-game or participate in GTA tomfoolery. Either way youd get a fully immersive experience. Hopefully there’s some card game action present like there was in RDR.

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