Raven’s Cry


Raven’s Cry immerses players in the dark world of 17th Century Caribbean piracy. With raw, unrelenting ferocity the developers at Octane Games have created a story that will forever change the image of pirates in popular culture. This cutthroat chapter of history is re-imagined with such bloodthirsty authenticity that it will make familiar Hollywood images of friendly drunken pirates singing tunes on flawless white-sand beaches a distant memory.

Historical accuracy is paramount to the Finnish team. Realistic architecture and a living environment create the feeling of being there amidst the peoples and sights of the era. Around 10 hours of main story play time will take gamers to multiple sprawling cities and deep mordant jungles, from the taverns of Port Royal to a lost Aztec City high on the Spanish Main. Victorian London is where the story concludes. All locations are fashioned after their historical counterparts as precisely as possible. Combined with a unique combat system and thrilling, stylized storytelling, the game transcends the current tropes and limits of the pirate genre to deliver a tale of revenge that is as robust as it is brutal.


Christopher Raven is haunted by the demons of his past. His family fled Scotland to escape the famine and found themselves sailing to the New World. Yet old vendettas followed them and soon pirates were sighted close offshore the little colony settled by Christopher’s father, a retired pirate hunter. The brigands murdered Christopher’s parents and left him for dead, a boy of only six years old now short one hand and any chance at having a normal life.

He was rescued by Marcus, a local fisherman and ex-slave with demons of his own. Marcus cleaned Christopher’s wounds and raised him as his own. He taught the boy to fight and to make rum, his living trade. But the specter of his parents’ death was always there, hanging over young Christopher like a black cloud of regret. When Christopher came of age he knew there was only one way to dispel the ghosts of the past: he would need to take revenge on the murderous bastards who slaughtered his kin, the dread crew known as the Devil’s Tines and their captain, Neville “The Devil” Scranton. The chance found him soon enough, at the ripe young age of 26. Tales on the lips of drunken sailors told that Neville and his crew were raiding again, after a twenty year hiatus. Christopher knew his moment of vengeance was nigh, but also that to hunt down and destroy his enemies he would have to become that which he hated, and don hook and blade to become a rover himself.

The Raven is a symbol of death, of scavenging and decay… but it also belongs to those who have lived by the old way of justice, by the bottle and the blade and the flintlock gun, for they are the makers of  and the angels of fear. Fear not for Christopher Raven. Fear for those who have crossed him.


  • Thrilling narrative
  • Moral decisions often toeing the line between grey and black, rarely a “good or evil” decision… but every choice has a price
  • Authentic, immersive recreation of the 17th Century Caribbean, wrought with detail and imagination
  • Huge free-roaming levels
  • Fluid, precise controls
  • Naval Battles
  • Historically authentic weapons and ships
  • Combat system balancing white-knuckled melee with tactical cover and shooting
  • Special weapons add to combat depth, including Christopher’s serrated hook
  • Manipulate the psychology of your enemies by employing FEAR powers
  • Living, breathing worlds full of NPCs and real-time events
  • Ground-breaking score

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Written by Chazz Harrington

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