‘Gravity Crash Ultra’ Announced for PS Vita


Vectors have never looked so good! When I first saw the hints that Stewart Gilray, CEO of UK Developer Just Add Water, was dropping about the original Gravity Crash for the PS3, I was instantly excited. We convinced Stewart to join us on the podcast to talk about it (his arms are still sore from all of the twisting /sarcasm), and well, the rest is history.

Gravity Crash scratched a retro-itch that few games could, and it remains one of my favorite games of this generation. It pulls no punches in its difficulty, and the ridiculously cool soundtrack from the one and only CoLDSToRAGE (Shadow of the Beast, Wipeout) makes it very easy to sink into the couch and lose a few hours with no effort.


Instead of simply porting the game to the Vita, Just Add Water has completely retooled the game to take advantage of everything the handheld has to offer. Stewart Gilray stated that “For this enhanced Vita version UK developers Just Add Water have implemented precision controls that use both analog sticks; maximized the console’s OLED display with the full 960×544 native resolution with eye-popping colours and retained that all-important 60 FPS frame-rate, giving players the smoothest, slickest possible Gravity Crash yet.”


Gravity Crash Ultra will launch with 42 levels – seven of which are all new, and exclusive to the Vita; an expanded ship selection giving beginners a fighting chance; tweaked weapons and brand new versions of the soundtrack from CoLDSToRAGE. It’ll also feature considerably improved rendering and visual effects made possible by the Vita’s hardware.


“It’s been interesting returning to this title, we’ve been able to make changes and improvements where appropriate. But most of all, it’s been a blast bringing it to the Vita” said Stewart Gilray, Just Add Water CEO.

Gravity Crash Ultra boasts cross-compatibility with the PlayStation 3 version, enabling the sharing of user-generated levels complete with the ability to create brand new levels with ease using the Vita’s high-resolution touch-screen interface.


Gravity Crash Ultra will be available in 2014, and for even more information, check out Episode 333 of our podcast, available NOW!

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Written by Glenn Percival

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