More Indies Are Coming to PS4 and PS Vita


Sony during their Gamescom press conference once again spotlighted the indie games community and announced the following games are coming to the Sony systems. So here is a quick list of the games announced today. Sony was careful to to say whether a game was console exclusive or just debuting on their platform first.

  • Rogue’s Legacy coming to PS4 and Vita first in 2014. 
  • Binding of Isaac: Rebirth PS4 and Vita first in 2014
  • N++ coming exclusively to PS4 first
  • Volume coming to PS4 and Vita first
  • Guns of Icarus exclusively on PS4
  • Wasteland Kings by Vlambeer coming to PS4 and Vita first in 2014
  • Hotline Miami 2 PS4 and Vita console exclusive

Written by Michael Cwick

Michael Cwick

Just a nerd from the Windy City. I’m actually really bad at describing myself because I get all self-critical and self-conscious. Follow me on Twitter, @The1stMJC, to see my borderline insane rants on tv shows and other non important subjects. If I’m not tweeting I’m probably just watching Buffy or Firefly for the millionth time.

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  • That was my biggest issue with the show. Way to many indie games.

    • Ken

      It sent a message to other indie developers – come to Sony, we got your back. Sony won’t just make it easy to publish, they are willing to give free publicity. European market gloms on to indie games and Gamescon is NOT the last event prior to launch. Sony seems to have finally figured out how to play the global stage: Regionally focused, careful not to repeat too much, some international nods (launch dates, price drops, etc) and leave some shots in the barrel for the next show (TGS).

      • oh I know why they do it. I just don’t care all that much for 98% of the indie games out there and it’s not the reason I am paying $400 for my console.

        • MJC

          I can see your frustration too. I love all the indie support personally, but yeah it would be nice to see some more big budget titles.

          • I think the indie stuff is great. But don’t spend a lot of time showing these titles. They aren’t going to get most to buy the system.

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