PS Vita + Memory Cards Price Drop Official


At Gamescom Sony has confirmed that the PS Vita will have its price reduced in Europe and North America. The PS Vita will now retail for 199 euros and $199.99 in Europe and North America respectively. Also promised was a “significant” price reduction to the memory cards. It was said that these price reductions will go into effect tomorrow, though many retailers have jumped the gun on the Vita price drop on Sunday as reported earlier.

Here are the new prices for the memory cards,

  • 4gb card now- $14.99
  • 8gb card now- $19.99
  • 16gb card now- $39.99
  • 32gb card now- $79.99
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  • ♠adeafmute♠

    My body is ready

  • This is really good news. I just hope its a nice big price drop and not just a few bucks.

    • MJC

      I updated the post with the memory card prices.

  • MJC

    I just ordered a vita.