PS4 Launches in November


We finally have the release dates for the PS4. The PlayStation 4 will launch on November 15th in North America and on November 29th in Europe.

Sony also noted that the PS4 has already reached one million pre-orders worldwide.

Now that the PS4 has a firm date, will you be picking one up at launch?

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    Really disappointing conference. No October release, no new AAA exclusives, nothing on Gaikai streaming.

  • I’m surprised it was not in late October. Could of really beat the Xbox.

    • I thought it was ok. Gaikai probably won’t be until next year. So not much else to say about it I am sure. And probably will show some new stuff in the coming months.

      • Ω GUNTZ

        Out of curiosity…
        Has this beat the Wii U already in terms of pre-orders?
        I thought it would beat Wii U in terms of pre orders, just wondering if we know it already has or not…

        I’m hoping this will teach Nintendo a lesson though.
        I dont think the Wii U has anywhere near this hype in the months leading to launch.
        I think they’re getting out of touch with gamers.

        • I have no idea what the pre order numbers were for the WiiU. Not even sure if most of the time if any of the three even say so,

          • Ω GUNTZ


  • JC

    I’m still going to hold off on getting the PS4 for awhile. Only new PS4 title that interested me was the new Infamous title and since Dark Souls 2 is also going to be a PS3 release, no need to rush for an upgrade

    • Ω GUNTZ

      Conference was fine but fuck me does the camera man need to be taken outside and beaten with a nice piece of hickory. The constant switching from actual trailers/footage to some wide shot of the whole place had me shouting at my monitor.

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