First Look – ‘Dragon Fantasy: Book II’ (PS3)


Check out the replay of our Livestreamed First Look at Dragon Fantasy: Book II from the folks at Muteki Corp. I’m not much of an RPG person, but I really enjoyed this one, and kept playing after we finished the livestream.

*Release Date is September 10th

*Picks up story directly following Book I, but you don’t need to have played Book I to enjoy or understand Book II. It’s a standalone title.

*Loosely covers chapters 4, 5, and 7 (Book I covered 1, 2 and 3). Book III will cover the final three chapters (6, 8, and 9 approximately)

Fourth game in the big vita summer select promo
*Cross Buy (get Vita AND PS3 for 14.99 — 11.99 during first week for PS+)

*Cross Save (save to cloud and move between PS3 and Vita seamlessly)

*Cross Play (Multiplayer will work cross-platform)

*Built with 16 & 32 bit era mechanics and graphics in mind, but unlike Book I wasn’t leashed to those strict guidelines. People remember retro more fondly than it was actually presented 😛

*Biggest influences: Lufia II, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI

*Monster capturing – add baddies to your party to fill up to four party slots. Discover secret powerful monsters to add to your team.

*Huge new quest system called “Bounty Hunts” – entirely optional but nearly doubles length of game.

*Ship to ship battles: stuff Mr and Mrs Rocks into cannons and FIRE AT WILL

*Drop in, Drop out Multiplayer coming in first patch

*Trophies LIKE A BOSS — including platinum

*Geeked out LIKE A BOSS — find Dr Who, Star Trek, Lovecraftian references and more.

*Indies REPRESENT — discover references to other indie games including Cthulhu Saves The World, and Sully: A Very Serious RPG (just to name two)

Archive of the live chat:
Ladyhawk_: Hi there!
Pawsrpg: Don’t forget to heal Glenn!
Eunito_pt: the stats upgrade could resume once in a mini board!
Mod TimeoutBanStoffinator: Hello Ladyhawk
Kurisub: Make sure to use copious amounts of fog in book III
Sindred1111: Lol, please heal, Torgo.
Muteki_kev: You are correct in the origin of the Land Shark!
Ladyhawk_: it looks great !
Muteki_kev: You might want to heal! You can do so out of combat.
Pawsrpg: Yeah, Book III will finish the trilogy, but we haven’t announced when we’ll start development of it yet.
Tylerdog2k5: hey lady of the hawk
Ladyhawk_: hi there tyler of the dog
Lardteamaker: Lol i’m liking the humor in this
Pawsrpg: Hey Kevin
Sindred1111: Sleep well, good warrior
Ladyhawk_: when does this come out/
Pawsrpg: why does the Land Shark look suspiciously like Bill?
» Ladyhawk: September 10th for the US PSN.
Dracul_god: WARRIOR needs food badly
Ladyhawk_: thank you
Muteki_kev: Pirates love their rum ham.
» You know… The Land Shark DOES look kinda like Pirate Bill..
Pawsrpg: It’s the mustache.
Ladyhawk_: North south whats the dif lol
» rut rough raggy
Sindred1111: Scooby?
Ladyhawk_: is glen lost
Stoffinator: Stream die?
Tylerdog2k5: no
Sindred1111: What know you of Ready?!
Lardteamaker: no still up Stoff
BanStoffinator: Weird, it went off for a min there
Dracul_god: where can I buy a Mr and Mrs rock? I want one
Lardteamaker: Get the hamsters running faster Stoff?
Sindred1111: Going to be humming this music later.
Stoffinator: I try whipping them, but they are stuburn
Ladyhawk_: ha funny
Alexxaplin: Oh! Will we be seeing a baby rock? Will Mr and Mrs Rock have kids?
Ladyhawk_: yes it will be named pebble
Pawsrpg: They have one in Book I, he’s a rebellious teenager.
» Dracul: You mean the plushies? So far we’ve only sold them in very limited numbers at PAX
Stoffinator: So he has a chip on his shoulder? huh, huh
Dracul_god: AWWWW T_T
TLadyhawk_: oh man ….
TLardteamaker: Will they have dairies called Rock of Ages?
Muteki_kev: We are looking into merchandising opportunities. right now all the Rock Monster plushies have been hand crafted.
Dracul_god: lol
Alexxaplin: ahhh, does that mean he’ll become an emo poet in this game? (Or will they grow their family? XP)
Stoffinator: He runs off and joins the Rolling Stones
Sindred1111: That’s awesome Kev.
» Nice clerical work, Torgo!
Ladyhawk_: ninja crabs
Muteki_kev: Wait until you guys find the Penguin Village.
Stoffinator: Two-Can_Sam
Sindred1111: Spoooooiiiiler! Lol
Ladyhawk_: he looks verry unhappy
Pawsrpg: The penguin village is totally rad
» No, it’s random.
Sindred1111: Nice parallax vistas!
Stoffinator: Is this the same island Lost was filmed on?
Muteki_kev: Every background has at least 7 layers
Sindred1111: I would have a picnic up there too
Lardteamaker: Nice view up there for one.
Pawsrpg: Mad props to Kev, he worked super hard to make this game look as sexy as it is
Dracul_god: So why such a drastic change in the amount of Exp gained?
Stoffinator: Should of eaten his lunch
Ladyhawk_: ha
Lardteamaker: Lol rain stopped fight
Sindred1111: Nice storm, Kev!
Alexxaplin: oh! Can you name the monsters you catch?
Lardteamaker: Does he play cricket in his spare time?
Stoffinator: Like the lightening effect
Sindred1111: I love that there’s a layer of drops and a misty layer as well.
Lardteamaker: Don’t Glenn i’d have to start typing out the Minstrel song lol
Pawsrpg: Weather effects may change the type of monsters that come out to play ^.~
Muteki_kev: Wait until you are able to cast Electrios! Every spell has unique art and multiple levels of destruction.
» The weather effects were all Adam.
Lardteamaker: And the aptly named Pirate not appearing in this game.
Pawsrpg: Dracul: Again, more in line with SNES era over NES. Ogden and allies from the first game will start *around* the level you would’ve beaten the game at.
» sorry, you could’ve beaten the game at.
Sindred1111: Compliments to Adam.
Dracul_god: awww ok thats cool
» ahhh* not awww lol
Alexxaplin: ahhh. When you are catching monsters, can you name them? and are there bonuses to catchin one type over another type?
Ladyhawk_: good I’ll need help lol
Sindred1111: Oh yeah, good point, Torgo. So how does Multiplayer work? Does the other player issue commands to the other party memebers?
Pawsrpg: They are pre-named (if memory serves, from a pool of names. I don’t think every Land Shark is necessarily Glenda, but that may change in the final build)
Muteki_kev: There is no way I could have done all of this alone. Props to Adam and Donelle for all their hard work!
Ladyhawk_: land shark and gilda radner!
Muteki_kev: Few people get where Gilda come from! Good job!
» Yeah, feel free to ask me anything!
Pawsrpg: I stand corrected, apparently they are fixed names
Alexxaplin: what was the most difficult part of the art design?
Mutekicorp: You’re both right. They’re fixed from a pool of 3 possible names per monster type.
Muteki_kev: Getting all the animations done to a level I was pleased with. Ogden alnoe
» Darn fingers
» Ogden alone has near 150 sprites
Ladyhawk_: well keep up the good work i will keep buying them
Pawsrpg: Oooo, Bryan is here!
» Yeah, we’re really excited for multiplayer, but we’re not revealing too much yet. We’ll have a column about it in September I believe, it’ll be on our Faceb ook and Twitter
Mutekicorp: I’ve been quietly watching
Wasabiomake: not sure if you answered this but why book 4, 5 and 7?
Muteki_kev: The fun part was designing the monsters.
Dracul_god: I will SOOO fly out there to Beta test Book III if it comes to pass
Pawsrpg: Unless Bryan wants to give some deets, cuz he’s the master of multplayer!
Sindred1111: Yes Bryan, how about some multiplayer info, hehehe
Mutekicorp: There are 9 chapters to the story. This game consists of chapter 4, 5, and 7. Because chapter 6 takes place on a different continent and would be all different art

Written by Glenn Percival

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