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You must have seen it by now, it’s Disney doing their own version of Skylanders. I got it day one and my girls are hooked with playing it and my wife is hooked on collecting everything associated with it. As I was saying goodbye to my money and beginning my review on it, I realised it could be quite easy to buy some things unnecessarily. Also, how much is this all going to cost? I’ll get to that in a minute, first off everyone needs to buy the Starter pack, it comes with the game, two disks, a base for your different characters and disks and three figures. Now if you want, this starter pack could be all you need and will entertain most children and even grown-ups for ages.


Okay now here is why this guide is a must. Stick to the triple and Playset packs and then buy only the singles shown here. Each pack tends to work out cheaper than buying them all separately but always go for the Playsets first as they are the only way to get the extra playset worlds, which are Cars and the Lone Ranger.

Now a potential way to build up the cost is with the disks, they come in so-called Blind packs of two and have a few different varieties. Circular Power Discs are used to grant your character special power ups that can be used in Play Sets and in the Toy Box. Hexagonal Power Discs unlock special gadgets, vehicles, and themes to allow for even more personalization in the Toy Box. All of these are optional – just to make it clear, I repeat all discs are optional but with anything like this, there are some rare ones to try and collect.


How much is all this going to cost, okay, here goes, it is about £50 ($75) for the starter pack and about £27 ($35) for each triple/Playset pack and £12 ($13) for singles, not to forget about the power disc packs which are £4 ($5) each and are random picks. You might have noticed the price differences between US and UK, don’t even get me started.

Then after you’ve got all of that, Disney are releasing another group of figures ready for Christmas and yet again, my family are already clearing space for them. Don’t forget to let me know in the comment below if you’ve given into temptation and got this, and if there are any characters you’re hoping for?


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