Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer info dump


Can’t seem to get enough information on Killzone: Shadow Fall? Foaming at the mouth from anticipation, awaiting the moment you can shove a knife into a Helghast’s neck? In order to only increase your eagerness for the launch of their next game, Guerrilla Games has revealed a lot of information about the multiplayer portion of Killzone: Shadow Fall on their blog.

Combat Honors

Those high-skill/very lucky players will receive points for their achievements in a match which can then be used to buy short-term advancements to their character to help aid them in doing even better. The honors that you buy will stay active until you stop your current play session. Play three matches and your honors last for 3 matches. Play for eleven matches, and your honors will last for eleven matches. The honors will have various effects on your character like increase movement.

Custom Warzones

As shown in the multiplayer reveal trailer, players will now be able to create their own Warzone matches. Eight new mission modes will be available to create your ideal battle, with four brand new modes to Killzone. Create the perfect mode, like with using only melee and grenades, then share it with your friends and other players in Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer. If your custom Warzone is good enough, it could even be featured by the developers.


There are 22 various weapons that are available to dish out the death with, all of them un-locked right at the beginning! Each one will feel different from the other, so make sure you practice with each one.

Weapon Attachments

To further make your character load out special, there are 19 total weapon attachments that you can add to your arsenal. These attachments will be unlocked as you play and meet certain requirements. The attachments can alter the type of ammo your gun fires, add new scopes and much more. Experiment to see which attachments work best for you.

Class & Abilities

Choose from one of three classes and twelve unique special abilities. Each class can have two of the unique abilities attached, so there are many variations to each class that are available.

Post-Launch Support

All multiplayer maps that are to be released after launch of Killzone: Shadow Fall will be free. When there is more multiplayer DLC content, those will be at a small fee; these paid DLC packs will offer new gameplay and customization features.

Excited for Killzone: Shadow Fall? Let us know your thoughts on the multiplayer in the comments section.

Written by Kyle Jessee

Kyle Jessee

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