New PS Vita Model Revealed


During the SCEJ press conference, Sony announced a new PlayStation Vita model. The newest model will be 20% thinner and 15% lighter and will be dropping the OLED screen for a 5in LCD screen. With these changes, the battery life will be improved by roughly an hour. The system will also feature 1gb of internal memory.

Also included with this announcement was the reveal of a new 64 GB memory card.

The new Vita will release on October 10th in Japan for 18,980 Yen and will come in 6 different color. This being a Japanese focused press conference means there was no word on this model for other regions. We will update this post if news on other regions arrives.

Written by Michael Cwick

Michael Cwick

Just a nerd from the Windy City. I’m actually really bad at describing myself because I get all self-critical and self-conscious. Follow me on Twitter, @The1stMJC, to see my borderline insane rants on tv shows and other non important subjects. If I’m not tweeting I’m probably just watching Buffy or Firefly for the millionth time.

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  • Jahonius

    i wonder if this means a dumbed down screen?? I like the idea of internal memory though.

    • In away yes. Its going to a LCD from OLED.

      • Jahonius

        Yeah, but then some people on other forums say LCD is better than OLED, but not as much as deep black levels or eye popping colors what not… But I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

        I really like the way they changed the SELECT and START buttons. They finally look pressable.

        • I am pretty sure OLED was a lot better than LCD. Ans as for the two buttons, yes, I find them way to small on the Vita (Start/Select).

  • BrianC6234

    Getting rid of the OLED screen isn’t good. It’s a lot nicer on a small device than an LCD will be. I don’t see why people say the Vita is too expensive though. Look at how much Apple charges for their stuff. People don’t seem to complain about that.

  • MJC

    At first I was mad about buying a vita two weeks ago since the new model will be thinner, lighter, and have a better battery, but when I saw it was an LCD I felt better about my decision.