PAX 2013: City Interactive Games Preview

At this year’s PAX, City Interactive held an offsite presentation for Press which consisted of a walk-through of Alien Rage, Enemy Front, and Lords of the Fallen with members of the Development Team.

First up was Steve Skelton, Creative Director of Alien Rage. Using the Unreal Engine 3, Alien Rage harkens back to games such as Quake and Unreal Tournament, with controls more along the lines of modern shooter.  The intro cinematic gives you the back story of a future human race out on a planet mining, and being confronted by an alien race that turns hostile. Pretty standard fare for a game in this genre, and with the 80’s sci-fi action theme being a major influence, I could see why.  You can carry two weapons at a time with regenerative heath and during the gameplay trailer, Steve talked about how the point system would allow you to unlock perks allowing for more alien domination. Alien Rage is being planned as a small downloadable title for PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360. The console versions will not include the multiplayer suite of Death Match and Team Death Match that the PC version is getting, but this will allow the console versions to ship for $14.99 compared to the PC’s $19.99 price. Alien Rage is scheduled for release sometime this fall.



Next up was Phil O’Connor, Lead Game Designer for Enemy Front, a first person shooter based in WWII.  Enemy Front is taking a new approach by allowing you to have more flexibility in how you take on each mission with more of a sandbox design. The hands-off demo showed the main character Robert Hawkins, an American War Correspondent. Phil walked us through a few variations of how you could play the mission, first going in guns blazing as you make your way to the designated objective, followed up by the stealth and sabotage play through.  The gameplay looked to have a Far Cry 3 feel with the ability to tag targets with binoculars and to use your environment to sabotage and distract your enemies. Every playthrough was completely different and looked to be living up to its sandbox style gameplay. Even though it doesn’t take place in a fully open world like Far Cry 3, the options looked plentiful with the short mission that was shown. Enemy Front will offer a 10 to 12 hour Campaign with Co-Op and Multiplayer. It’s scheduled for release on the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 in 2014.

Last but not least was Executive Producer Tomasz Gop, walking us through an early build of the action RPG Lords of the Fallen. The section shown had the character making his way through a castle, and the combat system aims for more of a one on one combat situation. This looked to be along the lines of Dark Souls.  Knowing how to take on your enemy is going to be a big focus of the game. The character skill system focuses on weapon mastery and some supernatural abilities with plenty of weapons, items and gear to find in the world.  You will also be able to choose between three Classes, Warrior, Rogue and Cleric. The few fights shown off during the playthrough looked to play along the lines of an actual sword fight; if you mash the attack buttons you will lose quickly, with each attack having different speed animations. Gop did show off a few different paths you can take in choosing whether to take an enemy head-on or sneak around and do a stealth attack. Lords of the Fallen with be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2014.

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