Gran Turismo 6 launch day patch will be massive

Gran Turismo 6 (B)

Gran Turismo 6 will have a major, massive update for players to install on day one that will bring with it major improvements to the game that couldn’t be fit into the game due to time restraints.

Speaking with Eurogamer, creator or the series Kazunori Yamauchi, confirmed the large, day one patch for the game. “It’s the same every time. Everything’s very tight. It’s an incredibly tight schedule. As to being able to include everything we want to on day one, we probably won’t be able to. I think for the 12 months following the release we’ll continue to update the software. Because in Gran Turismo 6 we’re preparing a lot of different things we haven’t even touched on yet.”


Gran Turismo 6 will feature the same online functions that were added into Gran Turismo 5 with a patch, but GT6’s online features will be far less confusing and more user-friendly. Besides setting up championships and races through the game itself, you will be able to do those things on the smartphone app as well as the PC app. “The system we had in Gran Turismo 5 was hard to understand. In Gran Turismo 6 it’ll be more clear cut.”

“”I can be almost certain that there’ll be a day one patch applied,” he said.  “The online features are already working – we’ll be updating it with a day one patch, and we’re still overflowing with stuff we’d like to do. So I think the day one patch will be a fairly large patch.”

Written by Kyle Jessee

Kyle Jessee

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  • I guess this isn’t surprising being GT5 had like 3gig worth of patches.

  • Keith Dunn

    Insert *eyeroll* here. And patches over the next YEAR. Good grief. Welp…whatchagonnado?

  • BrianC6234

    They mention a smartphone app. Will we finally get a Vita app? Sony should have all of their developers make a Vita app if they make them for other devices. Give people more reasons to buy a Vita.

  • way2easy

    Can they just make it so it doesn’t take 5 minutes to get through the menus to get to a race?
    I seriously stopped playing GT5 after a week because I just couldn’t be bothered waiting for menu after menu to load.