Spend $50 on PSN, get $10 back


Get your wallet out and start buying things up on the PlayStation Network. Starting today, Sony is offering a promotion that will give you money! …well, if you first give Sony money.

Starting today through October 29th for every $50 you spend in the PlayStation Store you will receive $10 to your PSN/SEN wallet. You will be able to receive up to $100 through this promotion, so go on, start working your way towards that $100 by spending $500 if you want to take full advantage of this offer. Anything on the PlayStation Network will count towards your $50 minimum; movies, TV shows, music, games, DLC, themes, avatars and anything else you can find. With the purchase of a 1-year PlayStation Plus subscription, which will cost you $49.99, you will get $10 even.

In addition to the announcement of this deal, the PlayStation Blog also detailed some of the up-coming Day 1 Digital downloads that you could use to help you meet that $50 minimum;


Game Release Date Pre-order Bonus
NBA 2K14 10/1/2013 King James Pack & Exclusive Theme
F1 2013 10/8/2013 Exclusive Theme
10% off pre-order for PS Plus
F1 2013: Classic Edition Game Bundle 10/8/2013 F1 Race Stars & Exclusive Theme
10% off pre-order for PS Plus
Lego Marvel Superheroes 10/22/2013 Exclusive Theme
Rocksmith 2014 10/22/2013 “Cherub Rock” by The Smashing Pumpkins & Exclusive Theme
Batman Arkham Origins 10/25/2013 Deathstroke DLC & Exclusive Theme
Battlefield 4 10/29/2013 China Rising Expansion & Exclusive Theme
WWE 2K14 10/29/2013 The Ultimate Warrior Character & Exclusive Theme
Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag 10/29/2013 Exclusive Aveline Figurehead & Theme
Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Gold Edition 10/29/2013 Exclusive Aveline Figurehead & Theme
Call of Duty Ghosts 11/5/2013 Free Fall Map & Exclusive Theme
Call of Duty Ghosts Digital Hardened Edition 11/5/2013 Free Fall Map & Exclusive Theme
Need for Speed Rivals 11/19/2013 Ultimate Cop Pack & Exclusive Theme
Watch_Dogs 11/19/2013 Exclusive PlayStation mission, R33B Gun & Theme



Written by Kyle Jessee

Kyle Jessee

Your lone Kentucky writer on staff. Loves the Big Blue Nation, rock music, and Resistance 2 (the best in the series).

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  • JC

    Looks like my Plus subscription ran out at a good time

  • MJC

    I have another reason to build up my Vita collection

  • Russman

    is this going to be in any other regions, or just the US?

    • Jahonius

      I think it is exclusively for the US, because we don’t get deals like this in Korea (although the yearly subscription is about 34 USD)

    • I believe its Canada and the U.S. only. Maybe Mexico since they fall under SCEA.

  • They do charge your right away if the money is in your wallet. Don’t know about credit card. I put in $70 to buy BF4 and they charged me right away. And for your information, if you do buy plus, it will count towards the $50 spent. Sony allows for a few cents under.