Valhalla Knights 3 Launching in October


XSEED and Marvelous USA announced today that Valhalla Knights 3 will be launching for the PlayStation Vita on October 15th at retail and the PlayStation Store for $39.99.

Valhall Knights 3 takes place in a crime filled world, where criminals are searching for a lost legendary treasure in a medieval prison. Players will build their main character and party members, choosing their race(7 types) and their  job class(20). Players will explore various dungeons, wildlands, and the infamous “Light District.” Using a real time combat system and controlling up to 7 party members, players control one party member at a time, commanding their allies or switching between them at any time.

The game also feature an online 2 player versus mode in its North American release on top of the ad-hoc mode from the game’s original release.

Here is the story teaser trailer

Character Class Trailer:


For more details check out the US PlayStation Blog.


Written by Michael Cwick

Michael Cwick

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