Wasteland Kings Now Called Nuclear Throne


Vlambeer announced that they will be renaming their roguelike-like, Wasteland Kings to Nuclear Throne.

The name change comes after the developers for Wasteland 2 reached out to Vlambeer with concerns that the two titles sharing somewhat similar names would be confusing for some. Despite Vlambeer not feeling there would be much confusion with the the two titles, they decided to be good sports and change their game’s name which is currently in development.

Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail wrote:

“We’ve been through a lot of trouble with people riding on things of ours, and we understand that American trademark law is pretty strict in that not defending a trademark weakens it. We realize that both games are set in a similar setting, that the names are similar and that InXile obviously felt the need to reach out. Although we aren’t sure Wasteland Kings and Wasteland are confusing enough for this to be an issue, both us and InXile really don’t want to spend development time on arguing over trivialities.

Most of all, we appreciate that the first contact between us was by a normal employee, and not a lawyer. There was no extravagant Cease & Desist-letter, nor a threatening letter in an envelope labelled ‘URGENT’. The e-mail we received was short, amicable and to-the-point. It was followed up by a quick conversation on Skype, in which we established that it would be the right thing for us to change the name.

This is the way business should work nowadays: between people, not companies, not lawyers, not departments. There’s so much paperwork between one and another that it’s easy for people to forget that they’re dealing with people instead of numbers and dossiers. Things can be friendly, rather than formal for the sake of formality.”

Nuclear Throne is due out for PC through Steam Early Access in October with a PS4 and Vita version following sometime after the PC version’s completion. For more information on Nuclear Throne check out http://nuclearthrone.com/ which hosts live streams of the game every Tuesday and Thursday.

Source: Vlambeer

Written by Michael Cwick

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