CCP on DUST 514 Uprising 1.5 patch


For those of us that have dived into CCP‘s PlayStation 3 F2PMMOFPS, Dust 514, we have seen just how cumbersome the game can be. Since its launch, one of the major complaints that CCP has received is the complexity of the game mechanics, which have kept the play base from growing. When CCP launched the Uprising patch, they planned on making major improvements to the game to bring players back to it. While the patch helped, there was still a lot of ground to cover – enter Uprising 1.5. Speaking on the PlayStation Blog about the updates that Uprising 1.5 brings with it, CCP gave a brief explanation of how this new patch has improved the learn-ability of the game.

The new update adds a brand new way of introducing brand new players to some of the first/most important systems in the game – namely joining a fight, setting up a new fitting and training skills that you buy.

Fittings – creating an effective and useful fitting is one of the first things that you need to do when you turn log into Dust 514, but up till now, has been a rather confusing task. Now, players will be taught the basics of what makes up a fitting; armor, weapons, attachments, secondary weapons and so on. Making this even easier is a new UI enhancement that has been added that will offer suggestions and tips for when a space on your character’s fitting is empty.


Joining a fight – taking part in an online fight is the reason a person plays Dust 514, they want to experience the global fights that take place in this game. While the original way of actually joining in a fight wasn’t too difficult, it was buried and took too long to actually get to in the menus (aka: Neocom). Now, when you log into the game, the Neocom will be automatically opened, so with just a few clicks of the button, you can be loading into a fight. Previously you would have had to go through multiple button clicks to get to the screen where you can join a fight.

Skills – skills in Dust 514 further customize your character just for you. Picking the right skills to use for your play style is very important, and ranking those skills up can make you a master of the battlefield. As this is an element that is quite different from most FPS, there is a little more help added in some UI tweaks that will make the use of skills more understandable.


New Objective – When a new character logs into the game (this will only affect characters created after the patch as been released) they will be shown a new screen that will show what goal they have to complete next. The information provided on this screen is quite simple, giving you just the basic information needed to understand how to complete your objective and gain the reward. The objective screen, when minimized, will live in the lower right corner of the screen. The next sub-objective that you have to complete will be shown, and once that is done, it will scroll to the next objective. This UI addition will always be visible in the bottom right corner, but there will be no hindrance on the rest of the UI with this addition.

The new update, Uprising 1.5, is meant to further simplify the complexity that is Dust 514.

Are you a regular player of Dust 514? Is so, did these changes need to be made? Or as someone who has not played it yet, do these changes sound good to spark your interest in the game? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Kyle Jessee

Kyle Jessee

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