How to access the Battlefield 4 beta on PSN Today


The Battlefield 4 EARLY beta goes live later today, but there was some confusion on how we’d be able to download it.

First off, you have to either be a Battlefield 3 Premium subscriber, or own Medal of Honor: Warfighter (a code was included with the game) to be eligible to access the beta. If you are not, the beta will go Public on October 4th.

When the PSN Store updates today, navigate to the PlayStation Store, select “Search” and enter “Battlefield 4”. Select the beta (may be listed as “Demo”) and follow the download instructions.

Please note the beta for PS3 will become available during Sony’s regular update of the PlayStation Store:

· Europe: 4pm-8pm CET

· North America: 3pm-7pm PDT

Also, keep an eye on the Battlefield 4 Beta blog for any last-minute changes if they occur.

Battlefield 4 Beta FAQ

**The Beta will only be available between October 1-4, eligible gamers can get a taste of the Conquest and Domination game modes on the Siege of Shanghai map.**

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