NYCC 2013: Day 1 Report


Day 1
I haven’t been to any type of comic book show since the late 80’s when I lived in Kansas City, and this is a whole lot different! We started the day by walking over to a nondescript building with an incredibly old but completely charming freight elevator that took us to the top floor, which is probably some kind of art gallery on an average day. Square-Enix invited us to check some games out and we were more than happy to oblige. Emrah had already arrived and was busy getting his butt kicked in Thief. It was running on PC, but we were assured that the PS4 version would look, sound, and play almost exactly the same. The visuals were even better than what I had seen at E3 (My preview can be found here) with even better lighting, shadows, textures… ok everything. Everything was silky smooth with some truly inspired level design. The game works in a hub-based system, allowing you to play as you’d like, with three major “bosses” at the end of the main spokes, but it can be played in any order you choose, and those choices affect the overall outcome of the story, and items that you acquire.

This isn’t a sequel to the previous games, but is instead a reboot with a new direction. Many of the mechanics from the previous games are here, along with many of the favorite items that you can use to reach your goal. It’s fascinating to me that you can finish the entire game without once attacking any foe, including the main bosses. We’re looking to setup a more in-depth interview on the podcast closer to the games release, so stay tuned! We also played Final Fantasy X | X2 HD Remaster and Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns, which we’ll post about after embargoes life and such.

After that, it was time to head to the convention center for the rare time on the floor reserved for only Media and “VIP” pass-holders (which cost a pretty penny from what I hear.) We went straight to the DC Comics area to get some quality time with the newly revealed Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition for PS Vita. Jack from Armature Studios was amazingly kind, and spent around an hour with us, which was time very well spent. The game is looking and playing flawlessly on the Vita, with a full 60 frames per second, tight controls, and since it’s the new ‘Ultimate Edition’, all of the DLC (including the just released pack) are included, with everything unlocked right at the start. Check the video below as Emrah shows his almost Rain Man-like skills in the game, and get some additional info as I recorded a quick interview with Jack during the first part of the game demo.

Once the actual floor opened, I surprisingly ran into Amanda Brockman (from the first season of ‘The Tester’), and she talked us into participating in Ubisoft’s The Next Level competition, which pits player into competing in 3 separate games to try and get into the top 6, who then have to play a secret game at the end of the day to crown the winner. The Grand Prize is insane too, with the winner taking home a Wii-U, an XBOX One, a PS4, and a gaming PC! Josh, Emrah, and myself all did pretty well, with Emrah finishing in the top 20 for the day. We proved how bad the Just Dance games are on the Wii-U though, since I did better than both Josh and Emrah… yeah, ME! We had some fun though, especially in the multiplayer of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (running on PS4). What killed us the most though, is that the ‘secret’ game was actually Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, so Josh wasn’t very happy that he missed-out on that.

After that, Josh and I walked the floor and checked a bunch of cool stuff out. I talked myself out of buying some pretty cool stuff, but there are three more days of temptation, so I’m sure that I’ll buckle at some point. Also, the new Strider from Capcom is playable on the floor, so I’m definitely planning on checking that out. As I type this, I’m stuck up in the media area trying to upload the Injustice video that’s in this article, but the wifi for teh media is running at dialup speeds, so I probably won’t even get anywhere near the show floor today, but I do have a session with Matt Seinrich and Breckin Meyer for Robot Chicken later today, so it’s not a total waste of a day.

Written by Glenn Percival

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