Wondering About GTA Online?


Have you ventured online in Grand Theft Auto, did it seem a little daunting? Were you too scared to leave your car in case someone steals it? What if people buy all the properties? Well everyone at PS Nation understands what you are going through. Hopefully the following will help you.


First off it can be helpful to join a crew, like the PS Nation Podcast Crew here, there aren’t any commitments or rites of passage. That way if you want to play with a lot less douche bags, there are the crew sessions. Before all of that jump into the solo online mode. Sounds strange I know but it goes into a few basics and missions which can be very helpful.

I think the three biggest things people wonder about are the properties, cars and cash. So here are some finer points about each thing and some helpful tips.

Properties and Garages
Also known as Real Estate, these are the locations you can eventually buy either by walking up to a For Sale sign or going to the in-game website from your player’s phone. The site is called  dynasty8realestate.com and there should be a banner on the main page. All Apartments come with Garages for safely storing cars and the more exclusive Apartments have excellent views. Some tips:

  • Once you have a Garage of your own you will have a Mechanic who can deliver your personal vehicle directly to you – in Freemode or even on a Mission.
  • All apartments come with Garages; you will be told how many cars will fit inside when you browse them online.
  • Garages can be bought individually; sizes vary from 2 to 10 cars.
  • You can get a free 2 car garage just for signing up to the Rockstar Social Club.
  • You can only own one property at any time.
  • When you purchase a new property you will be partially refunded for any property you previously owned.

Personal Vehicles and LS Customs
When you’re ready to trick out your ride, pay a visit to LS Customs which is available almost straight away, because nothing says class like chrome. After a mission or even when you re-spawn after you die, be sure to check the map, it’ll show the location of your car. Which reminds me, when you first can drive around freely online, have a look around for what will end up being your first car. because after the next mission, you’ll have to go to LS Customs to get a tracker fitted (for free). Some more tips:

  • You can make any non-premium vehicle a Personal Vehicle by applying a tracker.
  • You can Insure any vehicle you have applied a tracker to. If an insured vehicle is destroyed, you can make a claim by calling Mors Mutual Insurance (they will be added to your phone Contacts the first time you insure a vehicle).
  • Car mods can give you an advantage in Races but remember that the Lobby host can disable custom vehicles to even the playing field.
  • If you are wasted by the Cops then your car will be impounded. If you don’t retrieve it or call out a different Personal Vehicle from your garage then it will be destroyed. However you can always file a claim for it by calling Mors Mutual Insurance.

Cash and Keep It Safe (ATMs)
This is something which you can quickly forget about, only to have someone kill you and steal your wallet. So after every mission, or at least, when ever you return to free mode, find a Keep It Safe cash machine and deposit your money. You can use the Interaction Menu to Quick GPS ‘ATMs’ to find one in a hurry.

  • You can also access your bank account to make deposits and withdrawals using the internet, simply visit www.maze-bank.com from your phone’s web browser or any connected device.
  • Your bank is shared between your character slots so they can deposit and withdraw from the same account.

GTA Dollars bought from the PlayStation Store will be deposited directly into your in-game bank account.

Oh and don’t forget the most important thing, have fun and enjoy yourself. Check out a few pictures from the PS Nation Crew:

raggabunny76-gtaonline-pic the_one_an_only-gtaonline-pic Tylerdog2k5-gtaonline-pic

Some information was taken from Rockstar’s Social Club website.

Written by Chazz Harrington

Chazz Harrington

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