Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Halloween DLC


Team NINJA are giving us some Halloween treats. Firstly a free stage named “Haunted Lorelei” for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate and the free-to-play DOA 5 Ultimate: Core Fighters. The re-skinned fan favorite stage takes from the holiday vibe with new music, lighting effects and an overall party atmosphere accessible through the patch released today for the PlayStation 3.

LevelA LevelD

Additionally, a Halloween themed DLC pack with 28 costumes is available for purchase today for $24.99 via the PlayStation Store. The biggest roster in franchise history will enter the arena with haunting new costumes for each fighter including Tina’s take on “Little Red Riding Hood”, mummified Ryu Hayabusa and Momiji, and an angelic Hitomi.

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The free patch will also be out for the Xbox 360 on October 16 and the DLC is also available for purchase today for $24.99 via the Xbox 360 Store. 

Written by Chazz Harrington

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