Rumor: Driveclub has been delayed


On the heels of yesterday news that Watch_Dogs will be delayed until 2014. Could another launch title for the PS4 be heading down the same road.  They’re stating it as “100% Rumour” at this point over at TheSameCoin, that Driveclub will be delayed until 2014. While nothing has been confirmed from either Sony or Evolution Studios about the possible delay.

If the game is delayed should Sony do something for PS Plus users that were told a ps plus version of Driveclub would be free on launch day?

The PS Nation team has reached out to Sony for a statement on the status of Driveclub, But have gotten no response at the time of this article

Do game delays make your worry about the quality of the game? Are delays a good thing meaning that the game will be better? Does the news of delays over the past few days make you worry that next gen is not ready to be released next month? Let me know your thoughts


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  • xXShifftyXx

    Normally I’d say delays are good cause the game would come out better but after the atrocity known as Aliens: Colonial Marines it makes me worry…

  • Richieboy

    It’s a shame certainly, but more polish is a good thing.

    Now if this was Resogun or War Thunder I’d be throwing my toys out of my pram right now.

    • Agreed, more polish is a good thing.

      If true, it is sad that we won’t be playing it on launch day, but gives me a reason to play other games, so oh well.