NYCC 2013: Game of Thrones Panel


After a half hour delay in the start and a missing actor from the expected two person panel (James Cosmo who plays Jeor Mormont had to cancel due to an illness), we were treated to a one man show with the one and only Jerome Flynn who plays Tyrion Lannister’s companion and bodyguard, Bronn.

Flynn’s portrayal of Bronn has made him a fan favorite on the show and even though this was only his second appearance at a Comic Con he seemed very at ease and quick on his
feet easily winning the crowd over.

Direct from his delayed flight, Flynn jumped up on stage and launched directly into a Q&A with the large crowd on-hand. Among the more interesting things we learned:

  • He hasn’t read the books and doesn’t want to know what ultimately happens to his character
  • He isn’t even aware of what happening on the show outside of his scenes until he see it on TV with the rest of us
  • George R. R. Martin has enjoyed Flynn’s take Bronn right from the start
  • He’s a huge fan of Maisie Williams and wishes he had scenes with her
  • He’s hoping that Arya ends up on the Throne at the end of the series
  • When asked about other characters on the show he said he didn’t trust Margaery adding that she makes his skin crawl

Interestingly enough, he said that right before he got the call for Game of Thrones he had decided to call it quits with acting. He had just come home one day and decided that it wasn’t really happening for him the way he wanted and then got the call that changed everything.

His first day on the set involved the huge fight scene on the road to the Vale. Using real (though blunted) swords for the fights got his adrenaline pumping and quickly got him into the character. He did get a few cuts and bruises but said he loved every minute of it as it brought out his “inner Celtic Viking”.

Considering how restless the crowd had become Flynn was the best person to have on hand as he easily had the crowd laughing and hanging on his every word. Here’s to hoping that Bronn has a long and exciting journey ahead of him.

Written by Josh Langford

Josh Langford

Josh has been gaming since 1977 starting with the Atari 2600.
He currently owns 26 different consoles and 6 different handhelds (all hooked up and in working condition) including all consoles from the current generation.

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