EU PlayStation Plus Update – Dark Souls II


Darn you European people, who own a PlayStation 3 and are a member of PlayStation Plus and enjoyed Dark Souls; you get a special gift on Oct. 27th. In a recent post on the EU PlayStation Blog, Alex Burrow outlined the rest of October’s benefits to PS Plus members, and guess what you are getting…that’s right, Dark Souls II beta access.


If you head to the EU PlayStation Store you will see that there is a download for the Dark Souls II beta, which you can download right now if you choose to. The catch is though that the beta will only last for a few hours on October 27th, namely from 7:oo AM to 10:00 AM GMT, so REALLY EARLY IN THE MORNING.


Also, EU PlayStation Plus members are able to download the beta for the PS Vita title, Destiny of Spirits, as well. This, just as Dark Souls II beta, has a time restriction on it as well. In order to take part in this beta, you have to have the beta downloaded on your PS Vita and enter the beta betweek 6:00 AM on Thursday, Oct 24th (TODAY) and will be able to play till 6:00 AM on Nov 1st.

Make sure you have a bunch of coffee on hand for both of these betas to take the full advantage of the short time they are available.

Written by Kyle Jessee

Kyle Jessee

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