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Ready At Dawn Studios are making an action adventure game set in an alternate Victorian-Era London. So I was wondering about this game, what weapons are there? Will we see real people and places from our past? Is it a single player game? Armed with these questions and more I sent emails, scoured the Sony sites and even read up on some history.

The Order: 1886 re-writes history by introducing a unique vision of Victorian-Era London where myths and technology co-exist. As a member of an elite order of knights, join a centuries-old war that will determine the course of history forever.

Created by acclaimed developer Ready at Dawn, The Order: 1886 will launch exclusively for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) computer entertainment system.




Key Features 

Alternate History – The Order: 1886 allows players to discover a unique version of Victorian-Era London where technology and the supernatural collide.  Players will wield advanced weapons and gadgets that didn’t exist during that era and the realism of the game experience will make you feel like these elements could have been very plausible during the time.

Historical Mythology – The game introduces a unique mythology that will fuse actual history (real world places, figures, and events) with twists on familiar myths and legends to create an alternate history from the one we know today.

Filmic Immersion – The game’s unique filmic presentation is designed to replicate the texture of film and use real-world motion picture and cinematography techniques to emphasize dramatic character performance and realism.

Ready At Dawn Legacy – Created and developed by Ready At Dawn Studios, award- winning developers of Daxter®, God of War®: Chains of Olympus (PSP Game of the Year) and God of War®: Ghost of Sparta.  The studio is known for pushing their target hardware to its limits, as has been seen from their past titles, and they are now setting their sights and expertise on the PS4 system.


Useful Facts

  • In The Order: 1886 an alternate London has been created. However the environment needed to be as believable as possible so you’ll still see real places.
  • In this alternate history there has been some major advancements in weapons and technology. For example you will be able to use Communicators to chat to the rest of your squad.
  • The London Subway is ever present and even further along then it should be, snaking its way throughout the city.
  • Gas lamps have already been phased out and electric powered lights  can been seen all around the city.
  • Some of the famous sights are still in this history, like Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral and even good old Big Ben.
  • A more menacing addition the to skyline comes in the form of watch towers with searchlights scanning not just the city streets, but also the skies.
  • A twenty-four hour patrol of airships called the Sentinels loom over the city with their watchful gaze.
  • New weapons include a thermite gun which shoots out a cloud of deadly gas that can be ignited by a flare or flame. Or a rifle that shoots out electricity. These compliment the more traditional black powder guns you’d expect to find.
  • The Order: 1886 has been in the works for three years already.

the-order-1886_barrel-blast the-order-1886_Carriage-Fire the-order-1886_charge the-order-1886_Double-D the-order-1886_Galahad-Command

Written by Chazz Harrington

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