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There is a lot to wonder about with Sucker Punch making another inFAMOUS game with a new character, new city, new powers, and all designed especially for the new PlayStation 4. Having acquired the platinum trophies in the last two games I’m very excited to get my hands on this iteration. I dig deep in the information pit that we call the internet to find out everything I can on my most anticipated game on the PS4.



Delsin Rowe is the star of Second Son and who is absolutely convinced he’s destined for greatness; though so far that greatness has managed to elude him. He grew up just outside Seattle, where his great – if accidental – calling comes crashing into his life. After rescuing occupants from a fiery bus wreck, he discovers that he suddenly has the ability to direct, manipulate and even transform into… Smoke.

It’s been seven years since Cole McGrath was around and the country is on high alert. Anyone showing signs of being a so-called “bio-terrorist” is immediately handed over to the Department of Unified Protection (DUP) — an oppressive government agency created to ensure there is never a repeat of the catastrophic events of Empire City and New Marais. So Delsin, who has never been particularly respectful of authority, finds himself caught in the DUP dragnet – And decides he’s not going to go quietly.

Useful Factsinfamous-delsin-jumping

  • Delsin Rowe’s older brother, Reggie, who will accompany Delsin on his journey in Seattle. Reggie is voiced by Travis Willingham, who interestingly is close friends in real life with Troy Baker, the voice actor for Delsin.
  • With the extra power from the PS4, Sucker Punch is able to add loads of cool effects, from real-time reflections on the water to some amazing effects for Delsin’s smoke powers.
  • Delsin Rowe is a 24 year old Native American and a skilled graffiti artist. His older brother is the local law enforcement in his tribal community.
  • To help them decide the story progression the game director had the idea to check how the players completed the second game, after looking at the trophy data they easily had their choice. Around two-thirds of people picked one particular ending.
  • Cole’s Legacy DLC  (only available through pre-order offers) is additional downloadable content that bridges this gap in time between the last game and Second Son with a series of missions Delsin Rowe must complete that reveal unique insights into how the world of inFAMOUS: Second Son came to be.
  • Currently, Delsin’s only powers are smoke and neon light based, but Sucker Punch has revealed that because hes a conduit he can absorb more powers, and that these are only the “tip of the iceberg.”

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Most of the information was gathered from various Sony sites

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