Video – Replacing Your PS4 Hard Drive


Here it is, finally! If you’re still looking for a drive to use as a replacement, take a look at my previous article here!

To download the firmware from the PlayStation Website, go to THIS page.

– You’ll need a USB Drive that has at least 1GB free.
– The 1.50 Firmware is 859MB
– On the USB Drive, create a folder, all in CAPS, called PS4
– Go into that PS4 folder, and create another folder, all in CAPS, called UPDATE
– Copy the firmware file, which should have the filename PS4UPDATE.PUP into the UPDATE folder
(The filename may be PS4UPDATE.PUP.pup, if so, delete that last .pup)

The rest is detailed in the video, found below. Good Luck!

Also, make sure that you keep the drive that you take out of your PS4. If the replacement fails for whatever reason, you can simply insert the original drive and go through the process detailed in the video. The entire process is VERY simple, but may take a bit of time, so be prepared.

Written by Glenn Percival

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