PSVita TV Unboxing


Thanks to Martin (DJMizuhara) from RedSunGamer, I got my new PSVita TV this morning all the way from Japan. Word is already out that you need a Japanese PSN account to even use it (which I have) and that obviously, most of the network services probably won’t work. I’ll be giving impressions and hopefully posting some videos in the days and weeks to come though. Let’s just hope that Sony announces it for North America and Europe soon!

Written by Glenn Percival

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  • Keith Dunn


    • ChazzH69


  • Not totally 🙁 I already knew that I had to use my Japanese PSN account with this, but it won’t even let me use Game Cards from the US on it. So all I can really use it for is with PSN downloads from Japan.

  • EdMoney

    You have a few JAP Vita games on cards from your first Vita right? Have you been able to try any of the streaming stuff? I’m really looking forward to tomorrows podcast with hopefully some impressions of this as well.

  • Vitali

    So wait even if you format it you cant just tie it to US PSN account? Like my vita is from HK but I use my main UK PSN account on it.