Editorial: My First Days With The PS4


The PlayStation 4 is here and I thought I would share some of my thoughts with you after having the console for a few days.

Launch Event
I did a pre-order from GameStop months ago (this was before I even knew about the Amazon link and I wasn’t even writing for PS Nation at the time so relax). A good friend of mine runs the GameStop in the area so he was able to let me know when there would be pre-orders available. Thursday night I had to work till close at my store. Felt like the night was taking forever to end. I arrived at the store around 11:30 got my number (67) written on my receipt. Talked with my buddy for a few minutes as the store was not as crazy as I anticipated it to be. About 15 minutes to go before the midnight launch they had every one get in line OUTSIDE!! Now I live in Michigan and it’s not the greatest temperatures this time of year, on top of the fact that I didn’t dress to be standing outside for 20 minutes or so. Anyway it ended up being okay as the time seemed to fly by and before I knew it I had my PS4 in my hands by 12:10am.

Unboxing/Set up
By now I had seen numerous unboxing videos of the system so nothing was really surprising to me other than the fact that the console itself was a lot smaller that I thought. Hooking up to the TV was very easy. I did actually have a bit of a problem at first finding the power button on the console itself, but after a few seconds I heard that now classic beep and my system was booting up. A screen shows up to sync my controller and that happened super quick. The system asked me the basic questions that everyone has been through already, so now I’m looking at this awesome new interface that moves around so quick and easy.

I have a wired connection so before I know it the new firmware is already installing and is almost halfway done! Since the PS4, unlike the PS3, can do that in the background, I then get a notification that the firmware download is complete and needs to install thus the system will reboot. Once the system restarts it’s still is running amazingly smooth. I begin the PSN account process and that’s when I run into my first issue. After entering in my username and password I got the “Please Wait” screen then “Error”. I tried again and the same thing happened.

After a couple of times doing this I began to second guess myself. Maybe my password is wrong? I decided to click the forgot password link and Sony sent me an email asking me to change my password. Now, with new password in hand, I clicked the sign in link and got the same error. By now it’s about 1:30 maybe 2:00 in the morning. I read on Twitter that the PSN is getting slammed and is having issues. I begin to think to myself that this is going to be an issue all night and I am off work for the next two days. I should just go to bed and try again in the morning.  But for some reason I decided to try one more time and what do you know, success, I got in!!!

Everything was there, all my PS3 and PS Vita Friends and all my Trophies. The system already knew that I was a PlayStation Plus member. Everything was working just like Sony said it would. I then set up my Facebook features and added my Twitch account. All of this went off without a hitch. At this point in time I was loving everything about this new console and I had yet to even insert a disc.

Games I Played
I took advantage of the Target Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal earlier in the week to ensure I got the games I wanted. I picked up Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Madden NFL 25.


The first thing I decided to put in is Knack. This game caught my attention instantly when it was revealed at the February announcement event. The rough reviews by other sites didn’t scare me off one bit. When I read that Glenn really enjoyed the game I was relieved that it got a decent review somewhere. I have now beaten Knack and I enjoyed it a lot. I will be doing multiple playthroughs of this game. I feel like the Platinum Trophy is a possibility for me. A lot of people are saying that Knack is a kids game but I feel that while kids could have fun playing this game, that is about as far as it goes. The difficulty level is up there with some of the more challenging games on the market. The visuals are very cool and there is a part at the very end where Knack is really, really large and is really close to the screen and it looks amazing.


Next I gave Madden NFL 25 a go. I mainly bought this game to play against my son as he also loves the Connected Franchise mode and Career modes. A lot of talk on the internet has been that EA went the lazy way in making this game, that they just ported it over and made some small upgrades. On the surface I don’t disagree with that thought. However after playing multiple games either online or versus my son, I don’t really think I have seen the same thing happen in the game twice. The way the players move looks and feels awesome. The tackling looks great and never the same. The graphics look better than on the PS3 and the game just feels much smoother.

The last disc based game that I have played is Killzone: Shadow Fall. I have maybe put an hour into this game and have not gone back yet. Mainly due to the fact that I couldn’t put Knack down. I will play this game, both single player and multiplayer. When I do play the single player it will at a time where I can really dig into it and focus. I am not the type of gamer that can play multiple games at the same time unless they’re sports games or quick pick up and put down games.


I also downloaded RES0GUN and find myself really liking this game. I am pretty horrible at it, but for some reason I keep going back to play it. It’s nice to grab the Vita and have this always available to me when I just want to play real quick, but I will get into remote play later.

I haven’t even started Contrast yet but it’s on the hard drive just waiting to be played.

I also download all the free-to-play games but haven’t started any of them yet and I’m not sure if I will or not. Most of them don’t really seem to be my type of game, but please tell me if you think I should play any of them in the comments.

Remote Play
This was the feature that I was most excited for, but also the feature that scared the crap out of me. Could Sony really make this work from day one? Could you really play all these games through the Vita without any issues or having lag? The answer to this is yes. Remote Play is so good and will only get better. Now I don’t really care that it may not work well outside of my home or on someone else’s WiFi, I don’t really need it to do that. I just need it to work so I can play a game in bed or while my wife is watching something on the TV. I will be using remote play to do some trophy grinding or trying to raise my experience points in a game while I’m watching a live sporting event or my kids are watching a movie.

In Conclusion
For this being the first console that I have owned at launch, I am very pleased with how it has works. Everything is working how Sony said it would work and some things are even working better than I expected them to be. Remote play is only going to get better along with the User Interface. The PS3 evolved into an amazing piece of hardware and it is nothing like it was on its launch day 7 years ago. The Vita continues to get better and better as the firmware has been updated. For Josh’s sake I hope they freaking fix the 100 app thing so I don’t have to hear about it on the podcast anymore. Things coming to the PS4 that I am most looking forward to are Apps that we don’t know about yet. What will be the big thing over the next 5 years? How will the firmware make the system better? Will we be able to stream directly to YouTube? How will the ability to share be different over the next few years?

What are your favorite things about your PS4? For our European readers what is the feature you are most looking forward to?  What would you do to improve the PS4 if you could?

Happy Gaming to you all.

Written by Dave Hunt

Dave Hunt

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