How to import your existing tables to the PS4 version of Zen Pinball 2


There seems to be some confusion regarding the import of tables into Zen pinball 2 for PS4 if you own tables on the PS3 and/or Vita versions of the game. It’s very simple though, if you own any of the tables in the previous versions that are available for the PS4 version, they will import for FREE. Importing the tables though can be a bit confusing though if you purchased the tables via Marvel Pinball or Star Wars Pinball.

Since Star Wars Pinball and Marvel Pinball do not exist on the PS4 as standalone games, you need to make sure that on the PS3 or Vita, that if you purchased any tables specifically in either of those “games”, that you download those tables into the older version of Zen Pinball 2 before they will be recognized on the PS4 game.

Zen Studios sent over a pretty detailed FAQ, so check that out below:

Here are some really important things to understand about Zen Pinball 2 on PlayStation 4:

 Zen Studios was able to bring a total of 19 tables from the previous generation to the PlayStation 4. Choosing these 19 tables was very difficult, and we tried to pick the best variety of themes along with the most popular content for people to enjoy. Including the new Doctor Strange table, there is a total of 20 tables available at launch.

 Players who already own these tables on PS3 or PS Vita (even if you got them from PS+) can import them to PlayStation 4 at NO CHARGE. It is important to understand that the import process works ONLY from Zen Pinball 2 to Zen Pinball 2 (i.e. NOT Marvel Pinball PS3 to Zen Pinball 2 PS4). For more info on the importing process, please see the FAQ at the end of this guide.

 Players will not be able to import from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 3. Basically, there is no going backwards, only forward.

 Sorcerer’s Lair is available for FREE for all players. We want everyone to experience pinball!

 Why are we doing this??? This is our way of thanking players who have supported Zen Studios.
We began self publishing Zen Pinball over 5 years ago. To think we are still able to support a game for that long is amazing, so we sincerely extend our thanks to everyone.

Zen Pinball 2 on the PS4 has a nearly identical feature set as PS3, however we have made great gains in performance:
 Zen Pinball 2 is running silky smooth 1080p @ 60 FPS
 The most responsive flippers that we have ever been able to produce

Zen Pinball 2 on PlayStation 4 Table Library
 Star WarsTM Pinball
 Star WarsTM Pinball: Balance of the Force
 Marvel PinballTM
 Marvel PinballTM:Avengers Chronicles
 Marvel’s Doctor Strange (Brand new!!! Also available on PS3 and PS Vita)
 Plants vs. ZombiesTM Pinball
 Epic Quest
 Paranormal
 Earth Defense

Zen Pinball 2 on PS4 FAQ – We know you have questions!

If I bought Zen Pinball 2 tables on PS3, can I import them to Zen Pinball 2 on PS4?
Yes! Download Zen Pinball 2 on PS4 for free, and start importing! Most content you have purchased in
Zen Pinball 2 on PS3 can be transferred to Zen Pinball 2 on PS4.

PS4 Table Import Walkthrough
1. Press the square button (Import Tables) on the collection screen to start the import process
2. Please wait while the game is searching for tables available for import
3. If there are tables available to import, the store will offer the next batch of content it has found.
Press the x button (Enter) on each offered content’s download icon to add them to downloads, then press the circle button (Back) to return to the collection screen, and if there are still tables to import, the store will offer them in the next batch. Repeat this process until all content is added to the download queue.
4. Alternatively, if you want to import just a specific table, you can go to the table’s menu, wait a few seconds while the game checks for availability and press the “Download and play!” button when it appears. As the store comes up, press the x button (Enter) on each offered content’s download icon to add them to downloads, and press the circle button (Back) to return to the game.
5. Wait until all downloads finish (you can check their progress in the PS4 user interface under Notifications/Downloads), and there you go! You can play your imported tables straight away!

I bought some tables in the Marvel Pinball and Star Wars Pinball games on PS3, can I play those tables on PS4 too?
Yes, but you’ll need to import any tables purchased into Zen Pinball 2 on PS3 first. The PS4 import tool can only pull content from Zen Pinball 2, not from the standalone Marvel or Star Wars Pinball games.

If I buy content in Zen Pinball 2 for PS4, can I import it to my PS3?
No, the import tool can only transfer from PS3 to PS4, so if you want to play any of your tables on PS3, please make sure to buy them on PS3 first, and then import to PS4.

Where are the rest of the PS3 tables I purchased?
We could only choose 19 tables to bring from PS3 to PS4, and we wanted to bring a variety of tables for users to import for free as a thank you for supporting Zen Studios over the years. It was a tough choice but those tables represent some of the most loved tables in our collection.

Will Zen Studios continue to add new tables to ZP2 on PS3?
Yes! We have some amazing tables in the works, both original ideas and tables based on some of the most exciting brands in the world.

I got some tables from PS Plus, can I play those tables on PS4?
Yes, as long as your PS Plus membership is still active, you can import them to PS4.

Will the scoreboards/trophies from PS3 carry over? Are the trophies the same as the PS3 version?
The trophies are the same as in the PS3 version; however there is no way to carry over scoreboards/trophies from the PS3 or Vita.

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