EverQuest Next coming to PS4


During a recent Reddit AMA, Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley, revealed that the next big MMO from Sony, EverQuest Next, is indeed coming to the PlayStation 4.

Mr. Smedley said, when asked about the title coming to the PS4, “We will absolutely be bringing EQN to the Playstation 4,” though didn’t give any form of release date/window.

Additionally, Mr Smedley gave a brief update on the progress of bringing Planetside 2 to the PS4 and when it should launch. “This year is what we’re shooting for. It’s taking time to do this right but coming along great.”

For those that don’t know much about, or haven’t seen, EverQuest Next – check out the trailer below.

Written by Kyle Jessee

Kyle Jessee

Your lone Kentucky writer on staff. Loves the Big Blue Nation, rock music, and Resistance 2 (the best in the series).

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