Problems with the Platinum Trophy


It can be a very satisfying experience hearing that little jingle and seeing the Platinum Trophy pop-up in the corner of the screen. I must admit, I’m definitely not a ‘trophy whore’ and find it almost tedious in some games. They are either too easy or frustratingly hard to obtain. Some people only play games in order to collect trophies. They will even go to low extremes, playing games designed for a younger audience just to get those shiny digital trinkets. I personally, prefer to opt for the game playing that challenges my ability. Thus, acquiring trophies proves to be deserving and enjoyable. I’ve discovered that, over the PlayStation 3 generation I’ve only been tempted to reach for the Platinum Trophy with two very important conditions in place:

1. I adore the game and enjoy every last moment of it.
2. There are no stupid multiplayer trophies.


The first condition seems to happen with a select few games, such as Just Cause 2, the Uncharted series or the Sly Cooper Trilogy. When I want to explore every inch of the game world and see all there is to see. I desire to continue the enjoyment of a game for that little bit longer. I tend to reach a point in the game, usually after I’ve completed the story, to check which trophies I have left to unlock and the requirements to get them.

That usually brings me to the second condition, those stupid multiplayer trophies. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy playing the social aspect of most games. Even to the point of ignoring the single player portion entirely with certain titles. But when it comes to trophy hunting I do not want to spend 60 hours ranking up my character to get one trophy; Or, the annoying ‘kill the enemy whilst sliding down a zip wire using only three bullets’ scenario. Okay, it isn’t that bad but, there are some rather ridiculous online trophies.

Acquiring online trophies forces you to rely upon other people continuing to play. And even reliance upon the servers staying on. Both of those factors can make obtaining some Platinum trophies impossible. So this is my note to the developers of every single game: Please don’t force us to play the online component of your games to get the last few trophies, and if you really can’t bring yourselves to do this, at least make them easy to get. Playing each online mode and/or map once; capture the flag once. You can see where I’m going with this, can’t you?

psnation-gold-trophyAlso, consider rewarding the players for getting a Platinum Trophy. Rewards such as: unlocking an exclusive color for a character’s weapons or clothing; or maybe unlocking an alternate funny ending to a serious game? How about a developer diary or a few pieces of artwork? A bonus within the sequel is one possible option, similar to the inFamous series. So much could be done with this and it wouldn’t take much work, just put an intern on it! I believe it would entice more players to go for that coveted Platinum Trophy for the game and give an added reason to buy the sequel. So let’s add a bit of meaning to these shiny digital trinkets.

Now before some people go crazy in the comment section saying, “What about games like Battlefield and Call of Duty?” I must point out; there are a few exceptions to the rule. Those being online centric games and of course the small digital titles which lack the platinum altogether. This does annoy me. I would love to have a platinum trophy for Spelunky or Stick it to the Man. However, this subject is for another time and an entirely new discussion.

Written by Chazz Harrington

Chazz Harrington

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