Problems with the Platinum Trophy


It can be a very satisfying experience hearing that little jingle and seeing the Platinum Trophy pop-up in the corner of the screen. I must admit, I’m definitely not a ‘trophy whore’ and find it almost tedious in some games. They are either too easy or frustratingly hard to obtain. Some people only play games in order to collect trophies. They will even go to low extremes, playing games designed for a younger audience just to get those shiny digital trinkets. I personally, prefer to opt for the game playing that challenges my ability. Thus, acquiring trophies proves to be deserving and enjoyable. I’ve discovered that, over the PlayStation 3 generation I’ve only been tempted to reach for the Platinum Trophy with two very important conditions in place:

1. I adore the game and enjoy every last moment of it.
2. There are no stupid multiplayer trophies.


The first condition seems to happen with a select few games, such as Just Cause 2, the Uncharted series or the Sly Cooper Trilogy. When I want to explore every inch of the game world and see all there is to see. I desire to continue the enjoyment of a game for that little bit longer. I tend to reach a point in the game, usually after I’ve completed the story, to check which trophies I have left to unlock and the requirements to get them.

That usually brings me to the second condition, those stupid multiplayer trophies. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy playing the social aspect of most games. Even to the point of ignoring the single player portion entirely with certain titles. But when it comes to trophy hunting I do not want to spend 60 hours ranking up my character to get one trophy; Or, the annoying ‘kill the enemy whilst sliding down a zip wire using only three bullets’ scenario. Okay, it isn’t that bad but, there are some rather ridiculous online trophies.

Acquiring online trophies forces you to rely upon other people continuing to play. And even reliance upon the servers staying on. Both of those factors can make obtaining some Platinum trophies impossible. So this is my note to the developers of every single game: Please don’t force us to play the online component of your games to get the last few trophies, and if you really can’t bring yourselves to do this, at least make them easy to get. Playing each online mode and/or map once; capture the flag once. You can see where I’m going with this, can’t you?

psnation-gold-trophyAlso, consider rewarding the players for getting a Platinum Trophy. Rewards such as: unlocking an exclusive color for a character’s weapons or clothing; or maybe unlocking an alternate funny ending to a serious game? How about a developer diary or a few pieces of artwork? A bonus within the sequel is one possible option, similar to the inFamous series. So much could be done with this and it wouldn’t take much work, just put an intern on it! I believe it would entice more players to go for that coveted Platinum Trophy for the game and give an added reason to buy the sequel. So let’s add a bit of meaning to these shiny digital trinkets.

Now before some people go crazy in the comment section saying, “What about games like Battlefield and Call of Duty?” I must point out; there are a few exceptions to the rule. Those being online centric games and of course the small digital titles which lack the platinum altogether. This does annoy me. I would love to have a platinum trophy for Spelunky or Stick it to the Man. However, this subject is for another time and an entirely new discussion.

Written by Chazz Harrington

Chazz Harrington

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  • Derek / Beaver6622

    Nice editorial. I live by those two trophy hunting rules too. For instance I loved the single player of GTAV but can’t seem to get into the multiplayer like COD so the Platinum for GTAV just won’t happen. Although you did say publishers should give you something like in game rewards and after getting the two Gold trophies in the single player I was given 500,000 dollars that was available for my online character. That, I think, is a cool idea. For instance, in COD, you should get all single player trophies and get any gun you want unlocked permanently in the miltiplayer.

    • ChazzH69

      Agreed, it is a clever way to get people to play the single player portion in multiplayer based games like COD and Battlefield.

  • I always felt games like COD and Battlefield’s trophies should be just the single player portion of the game. This will entice more people to complete/play the campign and earn the trophies. Let the inevitable DLC for the online portion deal with online trophies.

  • Floor Poop

    I’d love to get the Platty in Assassin’s Creed 4 but it ain’t happening because of the online trophies. Just not interested. Same with Uncharted 3. I still have the online pass code unscratched.

    • SamHewitt

      Got the Platinum on Assassins Creed 4 today. Thankfully it was double xp over the weekend, just to get me through the tedious multiplayer. Getting Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition later this week…..will not be doing the same for that!

    • klarax

      It dont take that long

  • DNA

    Couldn’t they just create a secondary fodler for all Multiplayer Trophies so they do not interfer with earning a platinum for the single player experience.

    As an example I have logged in about 80 hrs chasing the trophies of GTA V (single player) which already pushes the limit of decency considering the amount of back and forth traveling you have to do just to collect spaceship parts etc… but when on top of that the game demands I spend a shitload more time to reach rank 100 in the online portion just to earn the Platinum it leaves a real bitter taste with me, considering I don’t even think much of their online offering.

    Two folders, one for Single player (which includes the platinum) and one for the online component. Problem solved.

    • ChazzH69

      They could easily, even if it had the multiplayer trophies as an update (DLC). GTA V is part of the problem I have with the platinum trophy. I do play the multiplayer part of the game but shouldn’t have sink days into just for that trophy.

      • DNA

        Here’s the thing, i don’t mind spending time with the multiplayer of GTA, or any game for that matter, up to about level 25 (and consider I’m only at level 20 or so now) but no person should be forced to have to continue to rank up to the levels of a god just to unlock a trophy.

        Let me use TLOU as an example. in it you have to play approx. 150 online games to get the achievement. Now I’ve probably played another 1000 games since then but they gave me the achievement after only 150 because that’s more than enough to experience the full brunt of the multiplayer.

        That’s the problem with games with microtransactions, at every junction the developers will create incentives to keep you playing forever and ever and ever just on the off chance you will eventually start buying a few GTA dollars or a nice new shiny car made up of ones and zeroes.

  • yazter

    Just FYI, most CoD games require minimal (COD: BO1) to no online trophies (MW series). Black Ops 2 took a huge exception, though.

    (There is zombie trophies that require four people (same for ONE trophy for Ghosts) but that’s coop, not really MP).

    And my problem with online Trophies is the tacked on MP. Unless your game is famous for MP (Battlefield, KZ), tacked on MP’s like BioShock or (LOL) Tomb Raider die out before your PS4 controller does. xD

    • ChazzH69

      Ha, I liked the Tomb Raider joke. 🙂

  • Ziggurcat

    regarding multiplayer trophies:

    i wholeheartedly agree. they should not have them in any game… or at the very least, not have them count towards a platinum… for a few reasons:

    1. worst case being that servers get taken down, but often the MP in games are just tacked on to give people a false sense of replay value, so they are never really active for very long.

    2. a lot of them rely on luck, which should never happen – they should always be based on skill.

    3. a lot of them require you to grind ad nauseam.

    4. a lot of them force you to rely on other people.

  • Good article Chazz. While I agree with you basically 100% on everything; I might as well also play a little of the ‘devil’s advocate’. Personally, I believe a Platinum trophy signals to the PlayStation world that, for a specific title, you absolutely love that game. You enjoyed that title so much that you decided to dedicate a huge amount of your allowed gaming time to one particular title. As you gain trophies, while the majority are rather simple; obtaining the Platinum trophy also shows your skill at the game. So, now for the horns to start coming out of my forehead…

    Let me use Killzone as an example; Killzone 2 in particular I think. I believe there was a trophy for the multiplayer of Killzone 2 that was something along the lines of ‘Get 1,000,000 kills’ or something just as outrageous as that. While I personally do agree that a trophy of that caliber is way to difficult for the standard person to get without dedicating hundreds of hours into the game; can you really blame the developer for implementing it? Or, I should say, it’s understandable why they implement a trophy like that.

    Developers spend uncounted (not even sure if that was a word…oh well) hours on developing a game for their fans. They spend millions of dollars creating these titles for us and a decent amount of that money goes towards the multiplayer portion of the game (I would imagine at least). So, what would be the point of doing that if people are only going to scratch the surface of the multiplayer offering? By adding in those trophies that require a person to dedicate such outlandish amounts of time to a multiplayer game; that commits a person to playing for a long time if they want that Platinum trophy – which, in a way, makes all the money spent on developing a multiplayer portion to a game worth it.

    Alright, now that I am no longer being the bad guy here; again, great article. I agree with you, not all games should have multiplayer trophies/trophies that take so much to obtain. But, a Platinum trophy has to stand for something more than just an image on your PSN ID. Just as it has been stated before, I believe that Naughty Dog has figured out the correct way of doing multiplayer trophies; making people basically just try it and they get a trophy.

    • DNA

      Making millions of dollars off of consumers makes spending all that money worth it in the first place.

    • ChazzH69

      I did think about those reasonings as to why they have some outlandish trophies like that, but for the average player to even attempt a platinum it shouldn’t require so much to do in the multiplayer.