Video Review: Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition (PS3)


Title: Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition
Format: PlayStation Network Download (85.8 MB)
Release Date: December 17, 2013
Publisher: Mojang
Developer: 4J Studios, Mojang
Original MSRP: $19.99
ESRB Rating: E10+
Minecraft is also available on Xbox 360, PC, Mac OS X, iOS and Android.
The PlayStation Network download version was used for this review.


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  • J.D. Dabbs

    Since I have been playing this quite a lot lately, I’d like to add some things you missed in your review if you don’t mind. It’s most likely that you just didn’t have the circumstances that I have, but there are a few bugs that will stick out if you encounter them.
    First: The most minor glitch is that animals sometimes get stuck in strange places where they shouldn’t. For example, I have a fenced in pen with gate where I have several cows. For some strange reason, a cow will occasionally appear outside the pen like it is just standing around. When you approach the cow, it magically pops back into the pen.
    Now, on to the more serious issues.
    I have been going back and forth between the PS3 and Vita version since it is cross-save. This is WONDERFUL for taking this on the road…but sometimes the cross-save file will not upload or download correctly to the other system and becomes corrupt. You then have to go back onto whichever system you were playing last and upload the save AGAIN.
    Next, the save files do not overwrite each other when you upload or download between the PS3 and Vita. This can be good, but it means you will have several save files in different places but with the exact same name. The picture does not help because it changes to a dirt block instead of a snapshot of the location.
    WORST OF ALL: The PSVita version CANNOT CROSS-PLAY WITH THE PS3. Only cross-save. This is especially frustrating if you want to play with another family member in another room without splitting the screen.
    And while we’re on that…The VITA version DOES NOT have ad hoc. How sad! If any game screamed for ad hoc, this would be one of them! Especially since the FRIENDS LIST is so fragged up right now! Often, I can’t even find my son even though he’s logged in!
    These things may not mean too much to many people, but they have been frustrating inconveniences in my experience.
    That’s my two cents worth. Maybe it helps.