Dark Souls 2 might get DLC after all


Well, it looks like FromSoftware  has changed it stance on adding more content to Dark Souls 2 after it is released.

Speaking with the Official Xbox Magazine, producer Takeshi Miyazoe from FromSoftware, said; “There is definitely potential, I think. Again, it’s all about fan feedback. Right now we are concentrating on completing what we’ve got, but I think there are next steps on how we can expand on Dark Souls 2.

“So I’m not really ready to say look forward to more information, but I think the potential is definitely there.”

So while this isn’t a straight confirmation of DLC, it is a change from their previous stance of no DLC for Dark Souls 2 at all, saying “We did do additional content for Dark Souls, but generally downloadable content for Dark Souls 2 is not really being considered. Buy the package and you’ll get the full experience, and you’ll have as much fun as anybody else.”

Dark Souls 2 will be launching on March 11, 2014. Wanting to know a little more information about Dark Souls 2? Check out our ‘Wondering About: Dark Souls 2‘ article.

Let us know if you’re looking forward to Dark Souls 2 and if you would be willing to buy any post-release DLC.

Written by Kyle Jessee

Kyle Jessee

Your lone Kentucky writer on staff. Loves the Big Blue Nation, rock music, and Resistance 2 (the best in the series).

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