MouseCraft coming to PS Vita and PS4


MouseCraft has a very simple goal, which is to lead a group of mice through a machine to find the cheese at the other end of the level. However you don’t control the mice directly, but instead like the classic Lemmings, you control their environment by dropping Tetris style blocks onto the level. An easier way to understand is to watch the trailer.

With more than 50 levels in the campaign mode, and it becomes more and more complicated to reach the exit and defeat the enemies. On top of that, the game also includes leaderboards, collectibles, a ranking system and a fully-featured level editor available during launch.

MouseCraft for the PS Vita version should available in early May, and Curve Studios are also planning a PlayStation 4 version of the game to be released this summer. So here is another great looking game coming soon for our little handheld beauty, but is it your kind of game, let us know in the comments below.

mousecraft-03 mousecraft-02 mousecraft-01

Curve Digital Managing Director, Jason Perkins said:
MouseCraft takes some of the most recognisable elements from popular puzzle titles and uses them in really unique and interesting ways. It’s a charming game and one that’s very much suited to the controls and portability of the Vita.

Tom Tomaszewski, the co-founder of Crunching Koalas said:
We are super excited that we will be joining the Sony family. Each of us here at Crunching Koalas owns at least one PlayStation console. Bringing MouseCraft to the platform that defined our video gaming experience over the past 20 years, is kind of a dream come true. We are also especially proud that we will be working with Curve Digital – their commitment to the project and the quality of games that they’ve brought to Sony consoles last year, proves that PlayStation versions of MouseCraft are in good hands. ”

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