Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Free for a Week



To help promote its first batch of new multiplayer maps Killzone: Shadow Fall‘s Multiplayer will be free to play for all PS4 users, PS Plus membership is not required to download the full week trial. The move is to coincide with the release of the first free map DLC. Starting March 3rd at 5pm PST there will be a client you can download via the PlayStation Store.  This will give you access to all the multiplayer maps and modes that Killone: Shadow Fall has to offer.

There will be special Warzone options created to play just the new maps and ones with a mix of new and old maps during this free week.  You can also create your own custom warzones on

Haven’t picked up Killzone: Shadow Fall yet? Read Glenn’s awesome review here: Review: Killzone: Shadow Fall (PS4)

Join our Killzone clan by adding you names to the forum here: Killzone Shadowfall

Clan Community Challenge will be available for all clans including those with trial players.

This is a great opportunity to try Killzone: Shadow Fall, if you haven’t yet played it yet.

Written by Dave Hunt

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