Batman: Arkham Knight Announced


After much anticipation it has finally been announced. Today on Batman: Arkham Knight was revealed.  Now the really cool part about this Batman game is that Rocksteady is developing it. Rocksteady makers of the first two Arkham games Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City.

Along with the announcement of the game via cover reveal. There was also a trailer. The trailer has the voice of Thomas Wayne reading his will and testament leaving all of his assets to Bruce and not wanting him to waste it on fancy cars, clothes and a destructive lifestyle.  This is all going on while Batman is driving what looks like a freaking awesome new batmobile similar to the one in The Dark Knight Trilogy movies.

At the end of the trailer it is reveled that Batman: Arkham Knight will release in 2014 and is for PS4, Xbox One and PC.




Written by Dave Hunt

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