Costume Quest 2 Announced for Consoles in 2014.


Double Fine announced today that a sequel to Costume Quest will be hitting PC and consoles later this year. Costume Quest 2 will be published by Midnight City, who are also bringing Slender: The Arrival and Gone Home to consoles later this year.

In a press release Double Fine founder, Tim Schafer said:

“For the last couple of years, Whenever Halloween came around, I felt like something was missing. No matter how many pumpkins I carved, apples I bobbed, or candy I ate, it just couldn’t fill the big spooky hole inside of me. But then I realized what was missing: I needed more Costume Quest. And also, I really wanted a T-Shirt with glowing skulls on it.”

The first Costume Quest released back in 2010 for PS3, and Xbox 360, you can read PS Nation’s review here. No specific consoles were mentioned for Costume Quest 2 at this time.


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