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Coming this Spring for the PS3 is a free app called SingOnBeing published by SingOn Ltd. and developed by the talented Brighton (UK) team Wish Studios Ltd. So it’ll soon be time to dust of those USB mics* and clear your throat. Here is the full press release.

The third generation of Karaoke has arrived – SingOn’s streaming service offers thousands of songs from six decades of rock, pop, indie, dance and hip-hop classics and is updated weekly to include all the hits from the UK Top 20 Chart. Available on PlayStation®Store this spring, SingOn has an easy to use Time Pass system that allows you to sing for as long as you like, with no on-going commitment.

Plug in a mic to start singing then use the Queue feature to host a non-stop karaoke party, adding tracks while you sing using the PS3 controller or the SingOn app on your phone or tablet.

As you sing, you’ll see your vocal performance sparkle on screen, showing where you’ve sung high, low and on-pitch. As well great music, SingOn features a sleek, user-friendly design, themed-playlists, real-time scoring and star ratings.

Add to the fun with SingOn’s party-friendly voice effects TuneOn and RoboOn, re-tuning your singing or totally synthesising your voice!

SingOn is free to download from the PS Store and comes with 10 great tracks to sing as often as you like. Buy a three or 48-hour Time Pass to access the full library of songs. For serious singing aficionados, there’s a full one-year Time Pass available too.

Get ready to SingOn. AndOn. AndOn.

But how much will each Pass cost:

Free to download with 10 free tracks available to sing forever. Buy a time pass to access the full catalogue of thousands of songs. Choose from a three-hour Time Pass for £2.99, 48-hour Time Pass for £5.99 or a 12-month Time Pass for £49.99.

SingOn-PS3-screen-2 SingOn-PS3-screen-4 SingOn-PS3-screen-5

So will you be grabbing this?** Let us know in the comments below.

* Requires compatible USB Microphone. SingOn is compatible with all existing PlayStation 3 microphones.
** UK and Finland at first, but it will roll out to multiple territories at a later date.

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