Vita Firmware 3.10 Out Now


Firmware update 3.10 for the PlayStation Vita adds some highly requested features to the handheld device.

First up is the increase in applications that can be displayed on the home screen. Now 500 applications will be able to be displayed which is a big increase as it was originally limited to 100.  In addition to this increase in applications a new category has been added to the Content Manager application. The “Manage Content on Memory Card” option will allow the user to view data on the memory card which will make managing data easier.

Secondly, voice messaging has been added to the Vita allowing users to send and receive voice messages on both Vita and PS4.

And finally, a new calendar application has been added which allows users to set up gaming events to share with friends that will also sync with Google Calendar.

Source: PlayStation Blog


Written by Michael Cwick

Michael Cwick

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