PSA: inFAMOUS Second Son’s Paper Trail Enters Week Two


Just a quick reminder that inFAMOUS Second Son’s ongoing six part Paper Trail campaign has released its second installment. For those unfamiliar with Paper Trail, it is an investigation of a violent suicide and possible cover-up that will help unravel some of the mysteries behind the D.U.P.

This content is available to everyone with a copy of inFAMOUS Second Son and a connection to the PlayStation Network. It can be accessed by going to the Yellow Marker on your in-game map.

Sucker Punch is trying an interesting experiment to keep people engaged in their game longer and possibly think twice about trading the game in. Are you on board with weekly episodic missions in games?

If you haven’t picked up inFAMOUS Second Son check out Josh’s written review and audio review from episode 363 of the podcast.

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