How the PS4 changed my gaming habits


The other day I was talking with my wife and I noticed that my gaming routine had changed.  The PS3 didn’t have a party chat system and while I always thought that it would be cool to have a system where I could talk to anyone no matter what game they were playing, I didn’t want to be bothered while I was immersed in any of the Uncharted games, inFAMOUS series or The Last Of Us.  However it did bother me that while playing a game of Madden against my brother that our voice chat experience was strictly based on what type of shape the EA servers where in during our play session, or that random person I would play an online game against be blaring music in the background. So most of the time when I was playing a game it would be in silence other than the game sounds.

Now fast forward to a few months after having the PS4 where I find myself booting the system up and the first thing I do is check to see which of my friends are online and what they’re playing. The next thing I end up doing is looking to see if any of them are in a party chat.  Usually, who is online and who is in a party will dictate what game I will be playing next.  Also a nice feature is that even when not in a game, you can just be online talking with your friends while you figure out what game you’re going to play or what mode you’ll be playing. Heck, the other day Glenn was playing a game on his Vita and was in our party chat having a great time with us while we played a different game.  I have been introduced to people that I would normally never have met due to that fact that they were on someone else’s friends list.

I never played FPS multiplayer games until the PS4.  The PS Nation community has a large group of Battlefield 4 players.  So between the tweets to come play Battlefield or the streams of the new DLC on the PS Nation Twitch Channel, I found myself wanting to give this game a try more and more.  I finally bit the bullet and picked up Battlefield 4 along with a premium subscription. I was all in, fully blind, never having played a Battlefield game before.  Now keep in mind that I still royally suck at this game, but over time have seen a very minor improvement in my scores, mostly due to the fact that I play the Support Class and give all the better players ammo.  But I am having an absolute blast playing this game with friends that I have never meet in person, to the point right now that I would rather play Battlefield 4 over Infamous: Second Son if my friends are online playing the game.

Now I don’t want anyone thinking that I have flipped the switch and I’m just a multiplayer only player now. I love the single player games but I just feel that if there are friends online playing a game that I have then I should play with them.  When I get online during my normal weekday off work around 12 or 1 in the afternoon, that is when I will dive in and play my single player campaigns.

Has the PS4 changed the way you game? What do you think of the Party Chat system?

Written by Dave Hunt

Dave Hunt

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