EGX Rezzed 2014: Forma.8


As part of the Leftfield Collection which is sponsored by SEGA at Rezzed I was lucky enough to get a 40 minute hands on play with Forma.8 from Mixed Bag a little indie developer based in Turin, Italy. Whilst I didn’t get any video footage of this game as I was too busy playing it I did learn some very interesting things. It would have just been the same parts you’d see in the trailer below.

The developers want you to find out how to do everything on your own and with the help of the community people will overcome the puzzles and secrets in the game. For example, when I finally encountered the first boss I attempted to go in guns, or in this case bombs blazing. It didn’t go well and I slowly had to get rid of old gaming habits and find other solutions. All I’ll say is, I got past the boss and felt proud of myself for figuring it out.

Set in a visually unique world in the distant future, the small exploration probe forma.8 is stranded alone on the surface of an alien planet.  It will face great perils, discover ancient civilizations and dystopian visions.

Made with scalable vector graphics this game looks simple, relaxing and at some points quite stunning. With hidden areas and large maps to gradually unlock this isn’t going to be a short game. I was lucky enough to get a look at some later levels and abilities which got me even more intrigued as to what the developers have planned.

Written by Chazz Harrington

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