New SOMA Trailer Reveals Game Takes Place Under The Sea


Remember SOMA, the new game from the Amnesia developers? Remember how the previous trailers and teasers made the  game seem like it was set in Space? Well, Frictional Games revealed that the game actually takes place at the bottom of the ocean.

Speaking with the PlayStation Blog the co-founder of Frictional games said:

“Most of the ocean is devoid of sunlight and inhospitable to us. The differences in pressure between the surface and even a modest depth of 100 meters is enough to turn a human into mush. That pressure, that depth, is nothing compared to the true ocean deeps. And as if this isn’t enough, the creatures living there seem like they’re from another world. Gigantic squid, luminescent fish and creatures that are all mouths and teeth are only the start. If you dive down any distance you enter into a realm of monsters.”

Take a look at SOMA’s new trailer to see how scary the ocean really is.

SOMA is due out sometime in 2015 for PS4 and PC.

Written by Michael Cwick

Michael Cwick

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