EGX Rezzed 2014: Worms Battlegrounds


I recently attended Rezzed, a UK event at the NEC, Birmingham and is dedicated to PC, indie and console gaming. Whilst there I saw a wide variety of games including Worms Battlegrounds from the excellent Team 17. I had a chat with Bethany Aston – Senior PR Executive, Team 17 whilst watching crowds of people stood round the game waiting to have a go. Bethany told me..

“You can have up to four players both online or on the couch as well as clan support, so you and some friends can join up and fight for the top of the leader boards.”

A group of four people were playing the upcoming PS4 game from Team 17 and the crowd around them seemed to be having just as much fun as the players themselves.  It still retains all of the core mechanics that made the series so different and fun back when it first came out in the mid 90’s. Now it has fancy graphics, excellent water physics and a solid frame rate but in a way none of it matters when everyone is laughing at the poorly aimed shot which ends up bouncing back to the players very own terrified little worm, or a smelly skunk that wipes out a couple of worms in one stinky swoop.

“New weapons include the Whoopsy Cushion, Winged Monkey, Grave Digger and more.”

Worms Battlegrounds still is a game of strategy, timing and devilish family fun. You each have a small group of worms in a side view arena and have the simple aim of killing the other team(s) whilst keeping your own little pink friends out of harm’s way.  Armed with one of the most bizarre arrays of weaponry you’re ever likely to see, from a homing missile to a baseball bat, you take it in turns to quickly get into position and destroy the enemy. Almost every game ends in laughter and some friendly rivalry.

Katherine Parkinson, star of the I.T. Crowd does the Narration for the story mode.”

It now has a weapon quick select which allows you to assign your four favourite weapons to swipes of the DualShock 4 touch pad. It works very well and can make all the difference when that timer is ticking down to zero. Thankfully Team 17 have kept the different classes of Worm which can be selected before each round like the Scout, Soldier, Heavy and Scientist. They all vary in strength, speed and ability.

“There are some cool additions for the PS4. When your worms are poisoned the light bar turns green, fall in water and it turns blue and explosions make it flash red.”

I love that it has online play and now even the ability to make your own clans, but I can almost guarantee the best fun will be a group of friends or family sat on the couch having a blast. I can’t wait to introduce my young girls to this series in what looks like the best one yet. With no release date announced yet be sure to stay tuned to PS Nation for all the latest news and information on Worms Battlegrounds.

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Written by Chazz Harrington

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