Music Player for PS4 Seems to be Imminent *Update – no music player*


I was tooling around in the “What’s New” section on my PS4, when I came across THIS!


So it seems that there’s a possibility that we may get a music player very soon on PS4, and this may even coincide with the Firmware 1.70 since SHAREFactory allows music to be used from a USB drive. This is a small but very essential addition to the PS4, especially for those that don’t want to be tied to Music Unlimited. Looks like it’s about time I purchase a larger drive for my console.

**NOTE** Some are speculating that this is a “code name” for the internal Destiny Beta, but that doesn’t seem likely since his status right now says “Bungie Internal Beta”

**Update** I just confirmed that “Music Player Beta” is, in fact, a ‘code name’ for the Destiny Internal Beta. Someone messed up though, because if you look on the PlayStation App on IOS or Android, it actually says “Bungie Internal Beta EN PS4”

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