Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes revealed


Today Disney has announced their next installment in the Infinity franchise – Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes. This new, super-powered game will be launching in 2014 on all previous platforms and will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one.

Avalanche, the developer of the Infinity series, also announced that all products for the original Infinity will work on this new, 2.0 version. When you first buy Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes you’ll receive a starter pack that includes Black Widow, Iron Man, Thor, a mysterious crystal shard piece, discs that contain tower-defense and dungeon crawler game modes.

Avalanche has 80 new Power Discs that will be coming to Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes that will bring new content to the game, including team-ups.

The level cap for characters has been raised to 20 and big improvements have been made to the Toy Box game mode like procedurally generated brushes that allow you to build cities, race tracks and more. The builder characters will create castles, caves, trees and other objects in your world that you can edit at any time. Along with an update outer world design, interior design will also be included.

Penning the story behind Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes is Marvel’s writer Brian Michael. “This game could do for this generation what comics did for us,” he said.

The world you’ll play in, ‘Marvel Manhattan’ is 4 times larger than The Incredible play set from the original Infinity game.

Along with the announcement of the new game, Disney also revealed some sales numbers for Disney Infinity. Toy sales grew more than 79%, while the Start Packs have sold more than 3 million units.

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Written by Kyle Jessee

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