Defiance Going Free-to-Play This Summer

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The MMO that ties in to the Syfy series Defiance is going free-to-play this summer. Announced earlier today by Trion Worlds, Defiance will change to a F2P model which will allow free-to-play players to go through the Bay Area storyline, original end game content, and future missions for free.

Players who purchase a box copy or digital copy and existing players will be given access to the following:

  • A grant of 1,000 Arkforge, a currency redeemable for resetting weapon mastery, upgrading your weapon’s power rating, or even bumping an uncommon weapon to epic rarity.
  • 4 Character Slots, 5 Loadouts, up to 75 Ark Keycodes, and a minimum 70 Inventory Slots.
  • They will also enjoy thirty days of Paradise Patron status when Defiance begins its free-to-play service.

Paradise Patrons have the following perks:

  • Boosts to skill, XP, scrip, salvage, and reputation gain rates that stack with the matching boosts available in the store.
  • 10% store-wide discount – boosts, costumes, lock boxes, all of it!
  • A grab bag of one-hour boosts or Arkforge from Daily and Weekly Ark Hunter Bonus Lock Boxes.

The current target date for Defiance’s free-to-play switch on PlayStation 3 is July 15th. For more information check out Defiance’s website through this link. If you haven’t had a chance to play Defiance you can read Rey’s review to see if it interests you.



Written by Michael Cwick

Michael Cwick

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