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Title: That Trivia Game
Format: PlayStation Network Download (811 MB)
Release Date: April 15, 2014
Developer: Happy Dance Games /
Original MSRP: $9.99
ESRB Rating: E
That Trivia Game is exclusive to PlayStation 4. 
A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for review purposes.
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We all have at least one person in our life who knows just about anything; be that about cars, nature, the history of the beer garden or even what kind of bird that is and why it is called that. Their minds are full of seemingly pointless knowledge that wouldn’t do anyone any good – except in trivia games. Luckily, the new PlayStation 4 exclusive trivia game, That Trivia Game, doesn’t require you to be a genius to still have fun with it. Make sure to grab at least one other friend to join in this brain test, because playing alone is just plain boring.


That Trivia Game is about as basic as it gets when you talk about gameplay, with the most complex action you take is typing in the name of your character. By design, That Trivia Game, has been created to allow anyone to pick up a controller and participate. Regardless of your gaming experience, anyone can be an expert at playing as you are only required to press a single button at a time.

Featuring over one thousand questions in twenty different categories, you’re able to test yourself on a variety of topics ranging from ‘Nature’ to ‘Cars’ to ‘Movies’ and more. While one thousand is a massive number, you will quickly start to run into questions that you have experienced before, creating a finite number of times you could play the game without knowing all the answers. After about my eighth play through I began running into questions that I had seen before. Granted, with time, they could release DLC to increase the number of questions.

Another nice feature of That Trivia Game is that the games themselves only take about 20 minutes or so to complete. These short games are perfect for families with small children who want to move on to the next thing or for parties where a lot of people want to play. Each game consists of four rounds that, sadly, never change. Every time you start a new game, you’ll progress through the same four game types over and over; making replayability hard to swallow after a few rounds.


While That Trivia Game is created for a family or party atmosphere, due to its simple controls they seem to be forgetting that a child’s intelligence is quite different than an adult’s. With no ability to change the difficulty of questions, it is going to be very hard for someone not in their late teens to know a lot of these answers. The lack of being able to adjust the level of difficulty is a major hindrance to this being a good family game.

If you haven’t been paying attention then this may come as a surprise to you – That Trivia Game is indeed a PlayStation 4 exclusive game. Take a moment and soak that in while you look at the image below.


Yes, I am not lying, this is a PlayStation 4 game, though it looks like something straight out of the late PlayStation 2 days or early years of the PlayStation 3. While not horrible to look at, there is nothing “pretty” about this game.

Character models are created and decently detailed, but you will see the occasional body part that wasn’t totally finished and is just a flesh-colored blob. When you get a chance to look at the audience, you’ll quickly realize that each person is the same as the person standing next to them.

Luckily, in a game like this, visuals matter very little.

As long as you or someone you’re playing with can read, put your TV on mute. The entire game can be played without sound as everything you need to know is displayed as text on the screen. Trust me, it isn’t like you will be missing anything spectacular if your TV is on mute. The audio of That Trivia Game is about a basic as you could imagine and teeters on the edge of being annoying.

The only person that will talk within it is the host of the Game Show by reading the questions for you and throwing in a corny joke after you answer. Other than that there is no need for the rest of the sounds. The crowd behind you will react accordingly to your correct/incorrect answer to the question at hand, but that is the same audio file played over and over. Your character will groan slightly when you miss a question or slightly cheer for a correct answer, but again, those are pointless and annoying really.

I’ll restate it one more time: If you can play with your TV muted, I’d recommend you do that.

That Trivia Game doesn’t have any kind of online multiplayer aspect to it, but that is alright since you’re meant to play on the couch, with your family or friends.

The couch co-op experience is flawless. You and up to three friends can go head-to-head in a friendly game of trivia to see who will come out on top knowing more.

As mentioned earlier, That Trivia Game is meant to be played with other people, so naturally, this is where the game is at its best.


As a game targeted to be a family oriented or party game, the majority of the downfalls don’t really even matter. When you’re playing a game with your children or showing your friends how smart you are it really doesn’t matter how the game looks or how the game sounds, it’s all about if it works and if it is fun to play.

That Trivia Game achieves what it is supposed to be; a fun, family oriented trivia game, though it isn’t without its flaws. If you’re able to look past the game’s shortcomings, That Trivia Game is a wonderful, family friendly game.

There are major issues with That Trivia Game; including the game’s audio, visuals and even the single-player experience. Yet, even with all those problems, the main idea behind That Trivia Game,the trivia itself, is sound and well put together. Unfortunately, it’s those production issues that ultimately knock down the Score on an otherwise fine game.


* All screenshots used in this review were provided by the publisher.

Written by Kyle Jessee

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