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I just absolutely love the premise of Watch_Dogs and from the game’s initial reveal at E3 2012, I’ve been eagerly anticipating its release. Taking control of a 21st century vigilante who can control pretty much all electronics in a future Chicago sounds thrilling. With a press of Aiden Pearce’s tiny cellphone buttons, you can watch as the world bends to his will, becoming his weapon. The idea blew my mind and I immediately wanted needed Watch_dogs.

E3 2012 Announcement Trailer


Now, almost exactly two years later, we will finally get our hands on Ubisoft‘s latest AAA franchise, Watch_Dogs. Are you ready to dive in and make Chicago your playground? To control all the various aspects of this hyper-connected version of Chicago? I know I am.


Taking place in a not-to-distant future version of Chicago, a company called Blume Corporation has built a supercomputer, called ctOS (Central Operating System), which has been installed in some of the biggest cities throughout the world. The ctOS controls anything, and everything, electronics in the city; from traffic lights, to bridge controls, the train system and even contains information on all the citizens of Chicago.


The need for the creation of ctOS was a direct result of an alarmingly increase in attacks from hackers on city infrastructure and government assets.

After a tragedy to Aiden’s family, he becomes a vigilante and starts dealing out his own form of justice using his hacking abilities to take control of ctOS.


You and I both know that the main reason anyone will be playing Watch_Dogs is because of the hacking mechanics in the game – that is its biggest selling point. Yet, don’t be fooled either, for Watch_Dogs isn’t solely built around that idea. On top of the hacking power that Aiden possesses, he is also a skilled a stealth, parkour and shooting.


“With great power comes great responsibility”

The world of hacking has always been interesting to me. I know I will never have the brain power or dexterity to even remotely become a hacker, but the idea of having that much power is impressive – if you don’t use that power to do the wrong things. So, naturally, the closest way I can get to being a hacker is by playing Watch_Dogs, makes sense, right? And, if you’re like me, you might be wondering how much hacking will be allowed in Watch_Dogs, right?

Ubisoft has never laid out how much hacking Aiden is able to do with his tiny cellphone, but they have given us some detail.

The cell phone that Aiden carries around with him, and that you are able to use at any given moment, comes packed with over 100 different hacks. Through these hacks, Aiden is able to take control of various infrastructure parts of Chicago, such as  traffic lights, bridges, steam pipes, fuse boxes, road blockers, and more. In addition to the multiple city resources he can control, Aiden is also able to gain information, like bank accounts, age, and job, from individual people.


Through Aiden’s power to govern Chicago through his connection into ctOS, he is able to turn Chicago into his own playground and use it to his advantage.

Release Dates

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC – May 27th, 2014 – World wide launch

WiiU – Q4 2014 – World wide launch


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Written by Kyle Jessee

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