PlayStaion Now PS4 private beta starts Tuesday, May 20th.




Sony announced  today that they are going to start rolling out the PlayStation 4 version of the PlayStation Now private beta tomorrow.  If you already signed up for the private beta on the PlayStation 3, then keep an eye on your mailbox for a voucher code for the PlayStation 4 version. It wasn’t said if there will be a different selection of games on the PlayStation 4 beta than that of the beta on the  Playstation 3.

Written by Vinny McNab

Vinny McNab

Been playing on a Playstation since 1995. Dayz fanatic both mod and standalone. One of the co-host of the PSNation Sideshow.

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  • Edward Herrel

    are the games going to be different than what the PS3 Beta offers?

    • Biddaman

      They didn’t mention if there were different games.

  • leeorv

    I registered, hopefully I’ll get an invite (they don’t actually know that I live in Israel, because I have a valid US address and am actually a US citizen. If I do get an invite, I’ll report on how well it works/doesn’t work for me.)

    • Biddaman

      I think people who get into the private beta can say anything about it.

      • leeorv

        I think you meant can’t?

        Anyway, I meant I’ll report AFTER the embargo on it is off 🙂

        • Biddaman

          And that’s why I do more videos than writing.

  • Keith Dunn

    Wonder if being in the PS3 version has any bearing…hmmmmm.